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Gabriel kept his composure serene as he studied Rebecca. Interesting that there was no offer of refreshment.

He carefully considered his next words. "As Wilson was found guilty of murder, and of a Hound no less, then it stands to reason that his punishment was appropriate. Perhaps the actual execution was a touch, well, overdramatic, but it was obvious that that Prince had a point to make." He shrugged slightly. "As for Harber..." he paused again, trying hard not to stare at the glass Rebecca held. He was still feeling reasonably in control, but the Hunger had grown so in the past few nights, making it slightly difficult to remain on task. "As I understand it, it is the sire's responsibility to watch over his progeny. A transgression of the progeny is then a transgression of the sire. It does leave an interesting power vacuum, though, and whomsoever manages to gain the Prince's favor can look to add quite a bit to their portfolio."

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