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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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Heulwen, Dun, Rhotha'ah, Aashya, Aleina

The dwarf's face is weathered and careworn even in a state of near unconsciousness. He lays on the ground, almost helpless while Aleina carefully cleans his wounds. In autumn, water can be a precious commodity in the Westlands and the young healer tries her best to use as little as possible while still cleaning the grit and dirt from the lacerations. The wounds have already begun to scab over.

Aashya takes a step toward the dwarf and tries to reassure him. "You're safe with us," she says, trying to be sincere but the promise sounds hollow in her own ears. The dwarf doesn't respond. Undaunted she tries again, this time switching languages. "You're safe with us."

Heulwen busies herself with masking their trail as best as possible. It isn't an easy task. Even if they were all familiar with surviving in the wild, a group of five, plus Cytaill and Bombur, will leave tracks. Yet she can do something to mask the worst offenders. She sets to the task; any that follow them will have a harder time determining which direct they turned in here. She sees Rhotha'ah standing just below the ridge of a nearby hill, keeping a wary eye toward Kingscross.

Dun's questioning causes the dwarf to stir again and he mumbles a response. "Baraz? Granud felak bizar dia..." he trails off as his eyes finally open. They blink twice, focusing on the overcast sky and then they shift, first taking in Aleina, then Aashya, and lastly Dun. His brow furrows, making his already weathered face appear even craggier. The dwarf truly looks like he was cut from stone. He remains on the ground, but it is not clear if he is simply too weak to stand or if he doesn't wish to make any sudden movement.

"Who are you?"