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"We head south," she replies to Lyr's question, "as quickly and as unobtrusivly as possible."

"The orcs are probaly still busy with Kingscross, allowing us a window to hopefully slip by unoticed, but we daren't dally. When the two that escaped Feyd and the dwarf reach Kingscross, if they haven't already, a squad will likely be sent out to exact revenge for what was done. Once they reach the copse of trees its only a matter of time before they find our trail and begin to follow us. A group as large as ours leaves sign that I could follow at night with a cold. I'll do my best to make it difficult for them, but if we are to make any kind of decent speed I'll have to rely on what the land provides to obscure our trail."

"Beyond that, I wouldn't plan much. I'm not given to predicting the future, prefering to take things one day at a time."