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I had prep'd the following months ago when I saw the end coming up, but Chris put such a nice end to it I didn't want to post in the in game thread. Still I couldn't let it go to waste so I'm tossing it up here to share.

Into the late hours of the night, Kirfah sits alone in the study of the Sajid manor, his quill scratching ink onto the last remaining blank page of his tome. With a flourished signature, a bit of sand to quickly dry the ink and a gentle huff of breath, Kirfah closes the book, binds it in a leather cord and seals the knot in wax pressed with the family signet. He gently holds the thick, well worn volume in hand as he crosses to a trunk that sits ready and waiting, it's lid open wide. Placing the book atop the contents, to sit safe until the spring when it can be taken to his Master at the Turmish Academy, Kirfah closes and locks the lid without a word.
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