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This was the most fun Zinnia had had in a while! It was the most wine Zinnia had drunk in a while too, which was probably why she didn't remember the exact sequence of events that had led to the three of them trundling down this overgrown path through the brush. Who started talking about fish in the first place? Oh, that would have been Name, of course. Stepping over a fallen log across the trail, Zin smiled to herself. The man sure did like to talk about fish. And the rightness or wrongness of things. She'd noticed that about him. He seemed pretty concerned with whether or not something was the right thing to do.

Unlike Silas who seemed pretty concerned with having a good time mostly. And telling stories. His stories were the best! Most of them unlikely to have a grain of truth to them. But you believed every word he was saying while he was telling the story. Like the one about the secret pool with the huge, ancient seladon fish lurking in its depths.

Zin stood with her hands on her hips, looking around at the muddy wastes. "Well Silas, this is just about the most disappointing fish story I've ever heard!" She was smiling as she said it, and didn't really look too disappointed. It was a beautiful moonlit evening after all and the night air was fresh and invigorating. "Are you sure you've brought us to the right place?"
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