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Silas was nodding to Jun, seeing in his expression and hearing in his voice that the man was interested - so far so good. As far as he could tell, it was all just normal goods but he paused trying to think of a good way to spin it. He seemed almost on the verge of answering when he heard Name mention gold and he immediately perked up and began speaking, wanting to quell any problems before they arose.

"Gold? Look, I can go as high as ten each, but that's -" he halted abruptly, apparently just realizing that Name wasn't asking for more money but instead offering to do the job for free. The confusion on his face was plain for a moment and he closed his mouth, opened it to speak, then closed it again and frowned.

"I'm here to help out Gundren, not cause him any headaches. So if you sign on, you sign on for the whole job and not just part of it if you decide you aren't happy with our employer. Of course, you can make all the trouble you want afterwards but our coin is for delivering the goods." He slapped the table and grinned. "And as generous a fellow as I am, I want to get paid if I'm going to spend my valuable time on this endeavor."

He smiled at Zinnia, truly glad she was on board so quickly. Her optimism and general good cheer were qualities he valued, and it didn't hurt that she was a magician to boot.

"Excellent question, my dear. We have a few days yet - I didn't want to leave it until the last minute to gather a crew together. That should be ample time for you to make preparations."
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