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"Grave robbers? Not that I know of but there's two sides to every story, I suppose. Having worked for Gundren from time to time I know a bit about their successes and failures. I do know that Tillisth are actually the folks that contracted Gundren and his brothers on that job, and it wasn't until after they'd delivered that it turned into the mess it did. Some sort of infighting between different branches in the Tillisth family, I think."

Silas threw his hands up and shook his head, trying to recall anything else he might about the incident. You couldn't be in business for any length of time without having some sort of trouble - at least, trouble had always seemed to find him. He frowned as he pondered for a moment, then shrugged.

"If you doubt their character despite their good name, perhaps you know of Sildar Hallwinter? A righteous warrior with an impeccable service record, well known in certain circles for his honesty and knightly virtue, hired on with Gundren to escort him on the journey."

He paused for a sip of ale, then he set his glass down and looked to both Jun and Zinnia, nodding.

"Truth a plenty, at least as far as their adventuring explorations. They're the real deal when it comes locating ancient ruins and finding clues to mysteries from long ago. Which brings us up to why I've called you all here, actually."

He tilted his head down slightly and fixed them with a roguish look, finger and thumb rapping out a small drumroll on the miniature drum that dangled from his belt. His face broke into a wide grin and he set his hands on the table and leaned forward.

"I'm authorized to offer a sum of eight gold apiece for an easy assignment - a few days work at best, and one that gives us a chance to get out of this village for a space. All we need do is deliver a small wagon load of supplies to a trade post in Phandalin. The weather this time of year is beautiful, and the journey will no doubt be peaceful and pleasant. Plus I hear tell Phandalin is up and coming, so there's like to be opportunity there - especially if locals know the Rockseekers employed us."
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