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"What, and ruin all the surprise?" he answered, gesturing for them all to be seated. He took his own chair rather slowly, drawing out the moment with by making a great show of signaling to the kitchen and straightening his doublet. When he was finally finished, he leaned back in his chair as the serving woman approached and dropped off several small plates of appetizers.

"The main course will be here shortly, but meantime you might blunt your hunger on these."

Seeing Jun's eyes light at the food, he smiled again and then stroked his beard gently, apparently considering his words.

"Let me ask this: who might you say was one of the greatest explorers of our time? Well, not one person, really but rather three people - dwarves, that is, although dwarves are people too. Brothers, actually."

He seems on the verge of stopping there, but before anyone can propose a guess, he continues.

"Why the Rockseeker brothers, of course. Surely you've heard of them - famous for their discoveries out in Lamm, those infamously populated yet fabulously wealthy tombs that were uncovered? Or the archaeological finds at Doermont? In particular the underground shipyard of the ancient Fellovians, if your recall. You've heard of them, yes?"
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