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Grateful for the tall stool, Zin relaxed. She nodded in approval of Silas' wine choice. She wasn't as picky about what she drank as he seemed to think, but it was ok with her if he thought she had refined tastes.

She was quite floored when Name greeted her as "milady" and even raised her eyebrows a bit in reaction. "Haven't I seen you down at the river, fishing?" It was hard to reconcile her memory of him at the water's edge, fishing pole in hand, with his formal address of her now. "And you also," she said, turning to Jun. "But perhaps you didn't see me." And she smirked mischievously.

When Jun introduced himself, she said in return, "My given name is Zinnia. But please call me Zin." Then she settled down to hear what Silas had to say about the job.
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