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The Lusty Vulture. How long had Zin been here now? Two weeks? Three? She was beginning to lose count of the days. Not good... not good... It felt like a waste of time, waiting here for something to happen, even if she was intrigued by the old ramshackle place. Rumors of dungeons and catacombs were whispered in corners. But even so Zin was quite sure that she wasn't meant to wander the maze of corridors here without purpose for long.

And here was opportunity at last! She read Silas' note with rising excitement and hurried to get ready to meet him at the appointed time. She got out her good robes, which she’d had no excuse to wear recently, and arranged her appearance carefully. She wanted Silas - and the others there, if there were others - to take her seriously. She smiled as she looked down at herself. The robes were a beautiful gray-green that shimmered in the light and were trimmed with tiny copper beads and sequins that jingled softly when she moved. She wore copper hoops in her ears and silver and copper bangles on her bare arms. She decided that she did indeed look very sorcerous.

And so Zin entered the room called the Social just a few minutes behind Jun and Name. She noted Silas lounging at his table, and the man and the haelf there also, apparently newly arrived. She moved to join them, feeling a little deflated as she approached and saw how they towered over her. But she gamely offered her greeting after Jun’s. “Greetings all. It’s a pleasure to see familiar faces here, a sign of good fortune I hope.”
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