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Susan Cooper - The Dark Is Rising sequence

Children's books, but wasted on them. The second book is my favourite, and the first my least favourite - I'd recommend starting with the second. (It's OK to do that, because the first two books introduce a group of characters each and have self-contained stories - then the groups meet in the third book.)

1 - Over Sea, Under Stone
2 - The Dark Is Rising
3 - Greenwitch
4 - The Grey King
5 - Silver On The Tree

The 'modern' world' of the books (they are set in England and Wales...mostly) is a bit dated now, as they were written between 1965 and 1977 - but that didn't spoil them for me. They also draw heavily on English myth and folklore; I don't know any US-types who have read them and would be interested to know how/if the stories work for non-Brits.
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