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Originally Posted by Scythe # I personally don't see where the problem is with the fumble rule; sure, it's a negative for the players, but it's not that bad. You'd probably fail the natural one roll anyways, so having your turn end immediately doesn't really change anything (for attacks) and you still get to resolve your AoE.
There's a significant difference between missing an attack and ending your turn. For melee characters, yes, it's largely irrelevant; the problem is for people who use AoE attacks, especially close blasts; a one on any of the rolls pins them in place (as opposed to having the option of shifting or moving away to try and get out of range of attacks of the survivors.) It also means that anyone can be denied the chance to use their Action Point by virtue of a poor roll, and can lead to unhappy situations where a monster is at 1 HP and you hit him on a 2+ and have an AP saved up, so he's guaranteed to go down... unless you roll a fumble, in which case he gets to do some more damage to the party. For my character personally, it also means that my breath weapon becomes much less useful (and at later levels actively harmful), since there's something like a 35% chance I'll lose the rest of my turn when I jump in near some guys to blast them.

In short, it doesn't add any fun to the game and takes a lot of options away from players based on something they have no control over and cannot plan for. It also punishes some classes more heavily than others (invoker/wizard/druid/sorcerer/warlock are the hardest hit) and narratively doesn't make any sense; why, exactly, is the wizard so dumb he spends almost half his turns standing there with his thumb up his ***? Because he makes more attack rolls, that's why. 4E's mechanics/reality connection is tenuous at best, but I find it hard to rationalize the effects of critical fumbles.

With all that said, I don't mean to come off as being really bitchy about it. It's a house rule, I'll live with it, I just wanted to explain why I felt as I did on the subject.
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