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I should not be here.

The thought worms its way into the Sarcosan’s mind as he quietly watches the Fell rampage about the clearing. The creature’s skin hissed like water dropped on coals as it effortlessly uprooted small trees in its mindless search.

I should go and get the others. The dwarf and Dorn would be up for a fight, of that he is fairly certain. Heulwen would make an excellent skirmisher. Together they could do it. They could kill the beast, save the town and then he and Aashya could ride off together.


He remembered when she first came to their camp, so many summers ago. They were only children then but he knew she was the one. She was the person that made all of the pain of living under the Shadow’s yoke bearable, his sunrise and sunset, his everything.

And then he took her.

Aswad’s hand tightens on his staff as he recalls the sickening thump of the rock as it crushed the back of his father’s head. The Lion of the Desert felled in the dead of night by his own son. Hot tears well in Aswad’s eyes, and his throat tightens.

He hadn’t questioned how she had returned to his life, or how it was that she didn’t remember him. For a brief time he thought it was fate’s way of forgiving him of his crime, but now he realized there was no forgiveness. The law of Shoref was clear.

In one smooth motion Aswad steps out from behind tree and levels his staff at the creature.

Blood demanded blood.
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