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It takes Aashya several moments to realize what she is seeing. Figures made of straw... dressed to resemble her companions. Dressed to resemble her.

A shiver runs down her spine, though she doesn't know why exactly. She can't fathom a meaning behind it all. Someone crafted these figures, but who? And why? And how did this person even know about them? And why hang straw figures in a tree? WHY??

"This is... this is... It's all wrong. I'm not going to just let him - whoever he is - do this. It's... witchery or something else evil."

Aashya makes for the trunk of the tree and sets about climbing it. The bark is rough on her fingers and makes it hard for her to get a grip, but she manages to scramble up to the branch from which the straw figures are hanging. She crawls out to reach the scarecrow dressed in a reddish tunic and ragged black skirt. Her fingers pull at the rope, trying to release the knot.
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