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Reluctantly, Aleina agrees with the wisdom in Aashya's words. Keeping the vial was too dangerous and breaking it open too risky. Frustration is a dog worrying at the edges of her calm. She banishes him, accepting that this is the course she must take whether it be good or ill. Too much depended on her judgement; she could not afford to be rash. With cool grace she carefully replaces the items in their hidden niche.

"I see nothing to indicate their were prisoners here. Yet what we find is not ordinary, either."

She exits the shack pensively, letting Aashya make the decision to follow. They rejoin the others and Aleina briefly relates her findings.

"We will search the perimeter of the clearing and try to pick up the trail once more. If we cannot, then we must choose: wait for the owner to return or seek out our companions."
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