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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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The blade slides into the fell with ease. Its steel path takes it underneath the back of its skull and up into its brain. It twitches, blazing eyes going wide in surprise, and then collapses, slumped over the fallen form of Aswad. Its limbs spasm, death throes not limited to those that have already died. Its blood, hot and clear like boiling water, sizzles on the wet leaves. Cytaill trots over, his flinty gaze watching the fell warily, but a few sniffs and he seems satisfied that the monstrosity will not trouble them any longer.

Killing it was the easy part. Rolling it off Aswad is hard. Yet the wogren bends his strength to the task and eventually they slide it off onto the ground. Within moments, the earth beneath it begins to churn and roil and the corpse begins to slide beneath the ground.

She bends to Aswad, placing her ear above his mouth, searching for life, but preparing for the grim task of making certain her brief companion does not rise again. His body is battered and bloody. Crimson marks the bark of the tree behind him. Ugly dark bruises mar his face. His clothing, already threadbare, is torn. Nearby, his staff lies shattered.

He lives, but barely.

His breath is faint and shallow, so much that his breast does not appear to move. Yet his spirit is tenacious, clinging desperately. Better to stay in this dark coil than shuffle off to the howling abyss of the beyond. His eyes open, awash with pain and confusion, and a soft groan escapes his lips.
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