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Yes indeed. He will be remembered fondly.

Sadly for him the game that I plan on starting is based a few hundred years in the future from the timeline your guy was in.

That is not to say that when said game resumes you could not have practically the same character, just not exactly the same guy as he would have died from either the massive cataclysm that ensued in the meantime or old age.


I envisioned Into the Wilds to be an exploratory campaign and rather than base the game in the end times of an age I decided to proceed forward through a cataclysm. This serves the exploratory game feel I originally imagined as well as serving the dual purpose of putting to rest a world that I had ran games in for 5+ years in a long standing face to face game I GM'd. I do not have contact with two of the players anymore and the other doesn't have time to commit to a face to face game anymore - nor do I. We have both put on some years and have young children that deserve our attention first and foremost. Anyhow... I thought it fitting to bring that world to an end in a mighty climatic cataclysm and see what I can create from the ashes of all the good ideas I had back then. I have matured and so therefore so should my game. The world was created around the events of a campaigning group that strived to save the world over and over again in a very dangerous universe. I created my own pantheon of dieties, mapped and wrote extensive notes of the various places in the world, and made most of the adventures I ran while weaving together some of the more popular 3E modules of the time into a story line that stretched from 2nd level to 22nd. The characters were major movers that set into motion the events that eventually led to the cataclysm. This was not a failure however, they saved what they could and prevented the Prime Material Plane and their world from being destroyed completely. I hope to inspire yet more epic campaigns with my world in the years to come and ORP shall serve as my drawing board. Don't be surprised if you see elements of the adventures ran here and the worlds I create in a cheap novel somewhere someday.
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