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Originally Posted by LeadPal But have you considered the sentimental value of the work I put into that character? It was time-consuming, it was contentious, it was perhaps even unnecessary, but it's what I wanted, and I'm in love with the result. I could never feel the same pride or satisfaction if the character changed so fundamentally.
I like the result, but I feel my love for it could grow with some minor tweaks applied. I feel you would feel more pride and satisfaction in improving upon your idea - all is keeping with the spirit of the classes fundamentals. You put up a valid argument, but there are factors such as mechanical balance and placement in the world. I'd like the role kept over, an inspiration for one of my new concepts, Mastery Classes. I'll post you a teaser of my thoughts on Prestige and Mastery Classes in the Resources section after I post this reply.

Perhaps you can help me dissect the class into a Prestige Class and a Master Class. Let the original class of old help inspire what the scattered remains of the nation of Susaliy were able to learn so far about the long lost traditional Yanoi warriors of their once great nation. Another little teaser of how the world changed... Susaliy ended up covered in a layer of magma - yes, the whole continent - then subsequently submerged to the bottom of the ocean. The culture has survived and bloodline preserved to some extent, but a lot was lost due to their homeland vanishing from the surface world. If some brave adventurer of the lost Susaliyan nation took upon a quest to venture to the bottom of the sea and find its way Through the lava to the great cities underneath they would undoubtedly find relics of the old kingdom and even scrolls of information with complete information on how to train 'true' Yanoi warriors (the class as you built it).

Or another idea that I am more inclined to do is that if you were to get all 5 levels of the yanoi inspired prestige class I (we) build and all ten levels of its mastery class superior (which will cover all the abilities of the original class you (we) built between the two 'advanced' classes) then that character would have finally realized the perfect mastery of the form of the Yanoi Warriors of the last age and would convert all his classes to the original Yanoi levels, offering little difference in overall mechanics, but for the satisfaction and flavor of the character. Also, forever more you would have recovered the knowledge to train 'true' Yanoi warriors and in essence 'unlocked' a 'lost' class and making it available like an expansion.

I'm not completely scrapping my old campaign, I'm just moving it forward to make exploration type adventures more fun. You have the bonus of having not only playing in both ages (albeit too briefly to even call it an adventure - hell, you didn't even meet the rest of the characters), but also of helping me flesh out some of the background of the Susaliyans by intellectual prodding and designing a new class for my game. Like I told you when we were bouncing ideas back and forth, Susaliy was left vague so that I could go back and fill in the details later and to have a mysterious oriental themed culture in my world. Until you asked to play a character when I moved the campaign to the forums I had never had one of my f2f campaign's players ask about the nation or encounter any of its residents in a campaign that ran from 2nd level to 22nd level over the span of more than 3 years.

I had always wanted to design a more oriental monk-type of character, but never got around to it until you started showing me your thoughts on the matter. I spent a lot of time helping tweak that class with you to make it balanced too as well as me and Lune designing her Mooncursed Druid class at his request and I don't intend to let either of those efforts to amount to a waste of time. They are inspirations for the flavor and mechanical spins I'm wanting to inject into my world.

My new idea of classes is this:

NPC classes: average power, majority of people in the world - at least 65% of the population
Core PC classes: notable power, common to the world - around 35% of the population
Prestige classes: extraordinary power, rare in the world - about 9% of the population
Mastery classes: phenomenal power, very rare or even unique in the world - less than 1% of the population

Given that idea I started thinking about your character and the cultural niche it'd inject into the game and how it would fill the void of my 'monk' prestige class. Same with Lune's character as an inspiration on a shape shifter prestige class and Mastery class.

These classes will in no way make pursuing ones core class to it's full potential uninteresting or pointless. I would encourage players to help me make some of the prestige classes if they were motivated and had ideas on a particular build. Present the mechanical and roleplaying ideas you have and I'll work with you to make it meld in with the setting.

The prestige classes presented in the Wheel of Time d20 game did a great job of helping the characters feel the richness of your worlds cultures and societies. The idea that there is an 'average' fantasy world is ludicrous to me. I like my players to be able to truly understand what I'm trying to convey to them in my portrayals of my setting.

Let me know your thoughts on this all.
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