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No this is not the episodic idea I was talking about. That didn't have any interest in it, unlike this. Regular style campaign. Explorer's of a new world trying to carve a niche out for themselves, their race, or their gods. Adventurer's may also have a desire to reconnect with their roots and restore their lineage's homelands to their former glory or uncover ancient magics that are now lost to the lands. I have high hopes for this game being able to span a game time of many years with the right players (/knocks on wood) and reaching high levels.

The concept for personality and concept would be able to carry over, although the background would need to be gone over to reflect what happened to the Susaliy in the end times. Your new character could be a great-great-great-great-great-great-grandaughter of your old character that survived by living on the mainland in Frosthaven when the cataclysm rent the world apart. Mechanically I may wish to restrict you to being a monk with a special feat allowing the use of a halberd as a monk weapon (for purposes of flurry of blows) as I'd like to keep this game a little closer to core-rules until the game progresses and prestige classes start to become available. I'm designing my own campaign specific prestige classes of which a lot are very similar to the standard ones in the DMG, but with their own background flavor added in along with minor tweaks to their abilities. This process is of secondary importance though to getting the background information posted. Now that I have my character in forgotten nearly done I can spend the next day or so transfering some of my notes to the forums.
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