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The Gargoyle:
Type: humanoid (2d4x5 SDC or by OCC which ever is higher)
Size category: variable, normally human-sized
Food source: Various

The Dark new gargoyle is not an alien or Dimensional Being; it is a race that is native to earth. This humanoid has been hidden and living in out of the way places. When technology was developed they adapted and hid using that. By creating false identities and using online banking they managed to stay unseen.

Many clans have mutated to match environs. Urban gargoyles often feed on various metallic such as Chrome, steel and Iron, others of forests live on trees, rocks and even water or other elements of nature such as Earth or sub elements like Magma, Ice and minerals.

This means they take on many qualities and powers. The Sand Gargoyles are said to transform into small sandstorms…Water Gargoyles live in water and can become a scalding hot burst or create sheets of water able to cut through military grade metals. Most posses Psychic powers like Bursters and such. There rumours of Sound, Light and ‘chemical’ Gargoyles as well.

The common ones known to most are stone and earth types as they the most adapted. But undead hunters and monster hunters often seek out silver, fire and water Gargoyles to aid them.

When the Rifts opened they became hunters of the undead and ghosts
1) Hibernation (self) this form allows them to bio regenerate. They can choose when to do this.

2) Innate Psionics: (these powers work only in stone Hibernation)
-Psychic Purification (Self)
-Psychic Diagnosis (Self)
-Psychic surgery (Self)
-Sense threat (active in hibernation, detects threats at 30 feet, and they will automatically revert to active mode)

3) See invisible, sense magic and sense undead. They can detect necromancy instantly.

4) Healing:
They need materials of there element to use Bio-regenerate. This means most clans stay close to the element of the clan.

-While Hibernating they cannot react and are vulnerable. They can only Bio-regenerate in elemental form.

They possess the OCC’s, PCC and MCC’s. Gargoyles typically favor Warrior and Adventurer classes. Often found with men of arms classes many underestimate the Gargoyle capacity for magic and Psychic abilities, particularly for elemental and industrial types of magic.

Gargoyles as PCs use human or animal stats depending on form (Giant if they are giant sized) with bonuses based on there elemental nature if appropriate.

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