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Size category: variable, normally human-sized or smaller
Food source: Special, see below

The undead called ghosts are people who for some reason stayed undead. The Ghost is often seen performing some task he or she could not complete in life. Many serve as protectors, some Seek to finish a task, exact reason varies with the individual ghost.

Ghost will always target those who can hurt them first. The spectre possesses all the skills they had in life including the capacity of magic and Psionics. They can only target there objective or act in defence with any powers they have.

Ghost Abilities Common to ALL ghosts.

1) Innate Psionics:
-Psychic Purification (Self, usable only when they reappear)
-Psychic Diagnosis (Self, usable only when they reappear)
-Psychic surgery (Self, usable only when they reappear)
-Sense Weakness (always active, detects Salt in 50feet)

2) Bio regeneration:
The ghost’s form can return as long as the Fucus is intact or it’s objective is incomplete. As long as the body or focus exists so does the ghosts. The focus or “Soul Anchor” must be the ghost body, a physical object or a location. If this is destroyed/salted then the ghost is destroyed.

3) Sense Living:
they can track magic and Living targets along Ley Lines or there hunting grounds. Range: half a mile.

4) Sense Target/Objective: range unlimited
The ghost may only travel a set distance from Focus.

5) Apparition Damage:
Salt, Magic or Psionics only can damage this damage will slow the apparition and destruction of the apparition will force it to reform which takes 2d4 minutes. Ghost use there old SDC and Hitpoints or MDC they had in life. Exorcism other forms traditional counters will ward off the ghost for 2d4 Hours.

6) Weapons and gear:
What they had when they died or favored in life is what they will have in there Apparition.

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