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Industrial Dragon (Psi-Dragon)

The industrial Dragon is an oddity among its kind. These dragons are social and active creature. Most are Heads of Corporations, Mercenary Companies and Arms dealers. Often a mated pair will consider a merger or alliance in terms of Finance and need. Industrials seem to have great amount of loyalty to mates and other industrial dragons.

They form a vast financial network across North America. Industrial dragons have a friendly Rivalry going. While they are still strong allies and keep their competition on the financial and business level, they will never wipe out there fellow Industrials completely, or leaving them too vulnerable. Industrial Dragons treat each other like a fraternity and sort of like family.

These dragons look more mechanical than organic they are often consider some type cyber-dragon or alien creature. In the human form they are unable to change there features and always take on the same human features. In reality they are a rare breed of Psi-Dragons. A sub species of dragons that wield Psionic powers, all are enlightened and possesses a Psychic third eye.

Alignment: Any, most are Principled, Aberrant or Unprincipled.

R.C.C.: Treated as Psi-techs

Natural Abilities: As OCC plus:
-As standard Power Armour Optics and Audio Pick up.
-Sense Magic
-See invisible
-Sixth Sense
-Read Dimensional Anomaly
-Sense Dimensional Anomaly
-Night Vision
-Electro-Kinesis (Powers there armour/Weapons at no cost.)

The Dragon is Impervious to Industrial Toxins/Poisons, Radiation and other Industrial waste materials.

Metamorphosis: can change to a human (with armour worn), otherwise as Chiang-Ku. In both forms the dragon is able to use Psionics.

Energy-Matter Teleport field: It works in the air or on the ground, Button or tele-mechanically activated. It otherwise has the same range as normal.

Techno-Augmented Scales: the scales take on the properties of whatever armour was worn at the time they morphed to a dragon. Hence if it was a Glitter Boy was worn the Scales will be resistant as the Glitter boy was.

Weapons Payload: Whatever the PA they have on at the time of there change. Missiles and ammo restore as they Bio-regenerate. As does any damage the PA took while in human form. To make the weapons and ammo they use surrounding material and PPE to generate the needed components. If pre-fabricated parts are near they can use them as well but must still pay the PPE to replace ammunition or affect repairs.

Cost for generating materials is as follows:
10 PPE/20 ISP to generate 10 pounds of 'raw material' per level:
Can be it used to make
-100 PPE per 10 rounds of ammo (rail gun ammo other solid fire power)
-100 PPE/100 MDC of Body Armour/PA armour.

Industrial Dragons can not regenerate mini-missiles.

Bio-Regeneration (special): This dragon can consume metals and other special chemicals to repair damage and replace ammo. With out armour it operates as normal.

Breath Weapon: None. They employ weapons of the PA and use natural Psionic powers. Missiles fire from areas above the from under scales

Bonuses: as OCC plus:


Magical Knowledge: As Psi-Techs

Psionics: As Psi-tech, Plus natural abilities.

Skills: As Psi-Tech

Weapons and Equipment: As starting per OCC

Money: As starting per OCC

Cybernetics: None, they do not need them as there powers add and remove them as needed.