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The Blood Tribes:
The Vampires seeing the threat looming call a truce among them and are considering aiding Dunscon's Federation of Magic. The main tribes include:
-Strigoi (Subterfuge Tribe, Advisors)
-Kali (Warrior-Killer Tribe, keeps the others in line.)
-Raktabija (Mage Tribe, Most demonic looking)
-Bhuta (The Vengeful Undead, Anti-Hunters)
(See appendix #1: Vampires of the Dark New World)

Vampires of the Dark New World
The Blood Tribes:
Blood Tribes and OCC's:
Master and Secondary Vampires retain OCC's and skills but need x4 the normal experience. (But cannot learn R.C.C.s or new O.C.C.'s)

"Blood Hound" RCC: (Standard OCC applies)
These are human who drink vampire blood to enhance themselves. If they stop drinking they go through with drawl similar to juicers.
Tracking (target once blood is tasted)
Land Navigation (back to master)
Prowl +5%
Climb +5%
Other skills:
They gain no new skills for being a Blood Hounds.
Attribute Bonuses:
IQ:-3 ME:-3 MA:-3 PS: +3 PP: +3 PE: +3 PB:-2 Speed: +5

'Blood Hound' Abilities:
Sense Blood (superior, x2 range and efficiency)
Track Blood (superior, x2 range and efficiency)
Intuitive Combat
Sixth Sense
Cannot create other vampires
2 Vampire powers

Vampire Stats:
Vampires retain the there humanoid stats and add a bonus.

Vampire Royalty: Must be created at a Leyline or by spell.
IQ: +6 ME: +6 MA: +4 PS: +8 PP: +8 PE: +10 PB: +2 Speed: +10
Royal Vampire Powers:
2d6 Variable Vampire Powers
Mind Control (Victim, via blood consumption)
Mind Control (Vampire: 40%, Secondary 50%, "Blood hound" 98% again via blood consumption)
Vampire Creation-bite (Vampire: Master 60%, Secondary 80%, Bloodhound 90%)

IQ: +6 ME:+6 MA: +4 PS: +8 PP: +8 PE: +10 PB: +2 Speed: +10
Master Vampire Powers:
2d4 Variable Vampire Powers
Mind Control (Victim)
Mind Control (Vampire: Secondary 70%, Bloodhound 90%)
Vampire Creation-bite (Vampire: Secondary 70%, Bloodhound 80%)

IQ: +4 ME: +4 MA: +2 PS: +6 PP: +8 PE: +8 PB: +2 Speed: +8
Secondary Vampire:
1d4 Variable Vampire Powers (Can choose controlled or Non-controlled)
Mind Control (Victim)
Mind Control (Vampire: Secondary 40%, "Blood hound" 60%)
Vampire Creation-bite (Vampire: Secondary 60%)

Basic Vampire powers:
Bio-Regeneration (self)
Smell Blood (lesser)
Does not breathe
No Body heat
No pulse or Heart beat
Sense other Vampires (Identify tribe)
Killing Bite: Converts
Radiate Horror factor with teeth out

Basic Vampire Weakness:
Fire Inflicts x2 Damage
Herb repel/block passage
Cross Repels/Damage to touch
Silver damage does not regenerate
Heal silver damage as normal human
Sun inflicts 2d4 Damage per round (MDC or not.)

Variable Vampire Powers:
Note: Controlled abilities must be activated by act of will. Uncontrolled work as needed/constantly 'on' at all times.
Uncontrolled Powers:
Carpet of Adhesion: Superior (self only)
Super Natural PS
Super Natural MDC
Super Natural PE
Vulnerability (Garlic, x2 Damage by garlic poisons)
Vulnerability (Water causes damage)
Vulnerability (Wooden Stakes, Paralyze)
Can Not Create Vampires
Immune to Mind Control by other vampires (No Tribe)
Vulnerability (Requires Sleep during day)
Controlled Powers
Carpet of Adhesion: Superior (self only)
Metamorphosis (Rodents, 2/lbs. of vampire) *
Metamorphosis (Wolf) *
Metamorphosis (Mist) *
Psychic Ability: Mind Block **
Psychic Ability: Alter Aura (self) **
Psychic Ability: Induced Sleep **
Psychic Ability: Deaden Pain **
Psychic Ability: Sense Evil **
Psychic Ability: Presence sense **
Psychic Ability: Empathy **
Psychic Ability: Death Trance **
Super Hypnotic Suggestion ***
Simulate Heart Beat/Pulse ****
Simulate Breathing ****
Simulate Skin Tone Color ****
Super Natural Damage Resistance (MDC) **
Summon Wolves (as Summon & control Canine) *
Summon Rodents (10/level, can not select type) *
Summon Insects *
Control Weather (Create Fog) *

* Requires a vampire take a Vulnerability
**for every 2 Psychic Abilities the vampire receives 1Vulnerability.

***1 Vulnerability /per Super Psionic.
****Heals as human during the day

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