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Monsterous Maximius!!!

Deadline Ghouls (Unintentional):
This undead spirit created on Dead Leylines. Mostly animals and monster corpse are possessed. Dead bodies can be possessed and used with out trouble.
Often animals that are unaware they are dead or with a dedicated mission that cannot be finished or accomplished.

Human/D-Bee Ghouls (Intentional):
this a body possessed by a Human/D-bee spirit. Most are evil men who chose not pass on to the next life. Some are mages seeking immortality; others are simply those who have a mission. Intentional Ghouls can possess dead bodies

Ghoul Abilities Common to ALL ghouls.
1) Bio regeneration:
they can use limbs from prey to replace lost limbs. Many cases taking a limb like a scorpion tail will add to the lethality of the ghoul.

As part of there Bio-regeneration they take the qualities of the Limbs they acquire. For instance the capturing of a poisonous hand/arm means that hands grip is poisonous. This applies to limbs.

If a head is added it simply gives the ghoul a new set of eyes. This a common trick used by burrowing predators. By getting a head of some predator they attack with it then strike from behind or beneath while the target faces there tail.

No new knowledge is gained by doing this. Ghouls are undead parasites that take body parts and corpse. No consumption of the soul, mind or other personnel energies of the prey is taken.

2) Sense Living:
they can track magic and Living targets along Leylines or there hunting grounds. Range: half a mile.

Dead line:
3-5) animals often have a frightening array of powers based on what limbs/body parts they have. These "Undead Chimera" are always treated as a threat.

Humanoid/D-Bee Ghouls:
OCC/RCC: thought they do not increase in level or improve skills OCC/RCC skills are known. This makes these rare ghouls a class A threat.

3-5) they can have OCC/RCC abilities. Physical powers (whether granted by Limbs stolen or HU powers), Psi-Swords and other Psionic powers the GM deems fair/needed.