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The woman looks at Edward, tears streaming from her eyes, obviously in happiness, "Doctor?! Boy, are we glad to see you sir! Come help us! Our last doctor went off with some bounty hunters and got himself shot by bandits." She ushers you over to a spot where you can wash your hands as you see several men and women and children laying on makeshift beds. You see a few new folks arriving with arrow and gunshot wounds. Looks like you got work.

Jimmy's Ranch

Gunshots, Indian chants and cries and curses/screams of women and children are heard. The sheriff and the townsfolk ride in guns blazing, most of them aren't very good shots and just startle the attacking Indians, who break apart and pull back from the ranch for the moment. The folks at the ranch, a couple of ranch hands holding positions behind fences and a stable door shout in happiness. There is fellow laying in a pool of blood on the porch of the main house.. with a woman in tears over him, trying to stop the bleeding.
She cries, "Jimmy! Honny, hold on!"
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