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The echo of the cannon shot from the Fort is heard as the town rumbles with the sound of horses riding away from all parts.

Beehive Saloon

Edward finds his clothes in the midst of terror as he grabs his derringer and holds onto Alicia. Alicia smiles at him as he asks about the Indians , "Yes, they have attacked here before. Many died or were taken then." As he looks out the window he sees men mounting up on horses outside the saloon, some look like soldiers who were off duty, others look like gunfighters or visitors who decided to help. There are others running and fro, carrying shotguns and the like. You see some folks boarding up their windows.

Jeb hears some commotion downstairs, but doesn't see anyone else out on the balcony. He makes it down, and sees some soldiers and others mounting up and riding away from the saloon. Elias nods and says, "Looks like some attacks on the farmers and settlers outside the town. Soldiers are preparing at the Fort and such."

Thomas could see and hear the commotion of the soldiers and locals mounting up and he sees the Marshal gathering some folks on horses. He also sees the folks boarding up their businesses some and some arming themselves from the general store or their own personal weapons.

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