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Originally Posted by MadDogMaddux # Re: Dire Werebear

1) I don't find a template for that anywhere in what sources I have. Dire WereBOAR, yes, but not dire WereBEAR. I'm sure it's an easy tweak, but I'm not sure how to do it.

2) I'm FAIRLY certain that I'd have to give up more class levels for a few additional beast levels. As it is, I'm already coughing up something like 6 class levels for "bear". When you're making a skillful character and have 6 levels with only 4-5 skill points, that kind of hurts. It's all about balancing out gains vs. losses.
1. Note that the templates are for common lycanthrope. There is the decided expectation to apply the mechanics of the lycanthrope to any animal model, be it rat, bear, shark, or t-rex. If you are interested in that, I'll put it together for you.

2. The Dire bear would be 12 levels instead of 6, so there is that sacrifice, true. Since you are angling toward a skill-focused character, it might be a good idea to stick with brown bear, rather than dire bear. The polar bear might be another option. We can give him a coat of brown paint and call him a cave bear .

Chris, is there any way to open another thread here where I could pick y'alls brains for the campaign I'm going to be DMing? I'd love to share my ideas with you and get some feedback - but I don't want to hijack what's going on in this thread.
Sure, why not? I can put another thread in.

In Red Hand of Doom, he's partied up with mostly casters (of which Chris is one -- probably his favorite, to boot)
He does love me!!!

Chris is pretty familiar with the character, so I'm sure if he foresees any difficulty, he'll let me know. Also, if you guys are interested in scoping him out yourself, you can check it out in Merc's game.

Chris, I was thinking a neat addition to Aros would be the Spellwarped template from MM3. It's an inherited template, but I was thinking that whatever moved him from Eberron to Athas (or some other place, and then there to here) magically 'irradiated' him. That sound acceptable to you?
Where do you think LadyGlutter and LightBringer scoped you, Doom? I sent them to the source of our best interaction!

I'll take a look at the template this evening - I remember bits of it offhand, but I don't think that anything like that should be inappropriate. I think it's a good idea, but I'll bless it after I look it up.

As a related note, many of you are discussing creatures with an LA of at least +1. That gobbles up useful levels, so I'm going to implement an Unearthed Arcana rule. Take a look and see if it might apply to you. I'll open the rule up to apply to any inherited template. This will help to take the curse off, so to speak. Don't worry about lost experience or anything like that, but rather consider yourself "caught up".
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