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Zhung looked perplexed at Calsin's claim that there was a giant gate on the far side of the campsite, but, given the past few days Zhung wasn't ready to dismiss the notion that there was more to this area than met the eyes. So, with a discrete nod of the head, he followed the young monk to where he claimed the gate loomed. He circled the general area feigning to search the tents in the area for clues he stuck close to where Calsin was inspecting the invisible gateway.

As Calsin drew close to the gate he noticed that it had a distinctly hazy, evanescent quality to it as though even in the spirit realms it wasn't fully made manifest. Upon attempting to circle the gate Clasin noticed that what looked bulky from the front was an illusion for as he approached a perpendicular angle to the gateway it seemed to fade into paper thin and finally vanishing from sight until standing at an angle less than ninety degrees from the front. The intangible appearance of the gate was also confirmed when Calsin attempted to touch the gate with it as it passed through with no hindrance.
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