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Oh, there's something evil down there, definitely.

Mizuki, you jump down and your aura does, indeed, piece the depths, but not entirely. You fall for farther than you might have considered, perhaps 30 feet, but you can ease down with little effort.

You are in a sepulcher, a dank tomb some 30 feet across, and you can see a catacomb along all the walls where you are, with clay sarcophogi floor to ceiling. In the center, near to where you landed is a small dias, where a skull sits, painted black, or perhaps charred and laquered, and detailed with silver paint in an intricate design. There are gems in it's eye sockets, as well as gems replacing a number of teeth.

The floor is littered with rubbish, moldering clothing, and dust.

You see no entrance, no exit, outside of the path you took.

Oh, there is no response to your query, Mizuki.
Our son won't stop doing math, honey!

Not in my house mister!!! You can differentiate all you want with your little hoodlum friends, but in here it's wild guesses and rounding errors!

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