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George focuses intently upon his power, and brings forth a construct to obliterate his foe. Then once his construct is in creation, he quickly and swiftly moves again, unexpected for those who think of him as slow, and brings forth a wall to block his foe from him.

<OOC: Manifest Astral Construct using overchannel and talented to create an Emerald Gyre (same as before in both matches). Emeral Gyre appears and charges Varla. Upon a hit, grapple is initiated, and then the Gyre attempts to pin with any remaining attacks. As soon as George's turn ends, he manifests Anticipatory Strike to take his next turn now, before Varla gets to go. If the Gyre has not grappled Varla yet, it attempts again. If it has not pinned Varla yet, it attmepts again. Any attacks after Varla was pinned (or all if Varla was pinned last round) go toward maintaining the pin, and then damaging Varla. George then manifests Wall of Ectoplasm to separate him and Varla. (3 inches thick, E4-P4)>
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