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Varla launches herself forward as soon as she is able, intent on bringing George into range. As opposed to Jéjé or Lilith, George has proved himself to be almost as slow as Timmy, so she decides to stick with electricity for now. Lightning bursts around George, Varla adds some extra power to get through his surprisingly resilient armor.

Activate boots as a free action. Move to J11. Manifest Energy Stun (Electricity) augmented with +9PP (12PP) at J/K-1/2 using Overchannel (3d8 damage=16 ) and expending her psionic focus for her Power Penetration feat. Effective manifester level of 16 should automatically overcome his PR of 17.

Energy Stun damage 10d6=38 , Reflex save DC=30 (10 base +6 Int +2 power level +9 augment +1 Psionatrix +2 Electricity). On a failed Reflex save George needs to make a Will save DC 30 or be stunned.

If George is not stunned Varla will use Mental Barrier as a swift action augmented for 5 extra rounds (10PP).
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