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4 successes (!) on your data search roll.

There isn't a great deal of detailed information, but through some detective work and careful net searching you find much more than the average person should be able to find out without actually visiting the asylum.

Greystone mental hospital was founded in the 1870's by a wealthy philanthropist following the US Civil War to treat some of the war-shocked veterans that returned to the North less than whole. The original building is a massive stone structure built in colonial Gothic style from local granite, hence the name. The institution filled a much-needed niche in the state welfare system, and over time grants from the state government expanded it, turning it into the regional mental hospital for all of the extreme and violent patients other hospitals were unsuited to care for.

The hospital usually keeps about 400 patients under its care, with 100 medical staff and perhaps another 150 staffers and orderlies. Though a patient or physicians roster was not given in any official place, your extensive searching is able to turn up quite a few names of doctors and patients that were transferred there. The caliber of doctors is quite high, the nature of the patients demanding a high level of expertise. A recurring name is Doctor Franklin Grisham, the head physician of the hospital, as well as Doctors Ana Merryl and Anthony Clark, respected researchers in the fields of Alzheimer's and schizoaffective disorder.

A few years prior, there was a controversy that medical negligence caused the deaths of two patients from drug overdoses, though the patients had no living relatives and therefore the state prosecutor never put much effort into examining the events. Likely, an orderly switched two medications by accident.

There is no information on the patient in question available without the skills of a hacker, however. There are some tidbits about the fire and police investigation of it, the consensus of evidence now leaning towards a break-in by a group of individuals who vandalized a section of the hospital before lighting it on fire. No official info has become available, but to you the clues are perfectly obvious. It was likely a less-than professional group of thugs looking for trouble or medication to steal, and the asylum was not equipped to keep determined criminals out (it is designed to keep patients in).
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