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Ayaka had been humming to herself as she watered a clump of aloe plants in the greenhouse when the crack-crack-crack of gunfire resounded in the distance. With measured patience, she finished watering the plant she was currently tending to and, once finished with her task, set the watering can down next to the following plant so as to mark her place before proceeding out of the mass of varied leaves and flowers to her workbench.

It was covered with soil and the varied tools of her trade. She opened the top left drawer and took out her 8mm pistol, an item acquired in the frantic siege that had set her running towards this stronghold nearly a year ago. She possessed little expertise with the weapon, but knew that having it on her could spell the difference between life and undeath.

She checked the clip and the safety before pocketing it and heading for the downstairs door. Doubtless Poul and Monica had heard the shots as well, the three of them would need to be ready when the men came back. Monica often depended on the priest and Ayaka to be ready and willing nurses when it came to the wounded. It wasn't something that Ayaka had a problem with.
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