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The shambling dozen stay grouped as they continue their inexhaustible march on the way to you, the proximity of their preferred method of food pulling them towards you, their corpses' stench is limited by their partially frozen bodies, but their moan is still terrifying, "BRRRRRaaaaaaaainssssss...."

The Sarcoman leaps from the top of the van, intent on retaliating against the man who dared to attack it. The fangs which grew in its death as the cancer ravaged his, or her body were several inches long, keeping the creature from closing its mouth fully. His bones, likewise, had continued growing, and he had long bone claws extending from his hands and feet. The claws reached out for Jeff's face (roll of 8 , and the young man flinched back, attempting to duck out of the way. (Roll of 4 )
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