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Jon Adler
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The three men run up to a ditch at the side of the road. Squatting down, they lay prone, scanning the highway, weapons at the ready.

Jon creeps up behind them, crouching low. He unslings his survival kit from his back, sets it down on the ground and squats in front of it. Unzipping the top, Jon pulls open the flap and reaches inside. He feels around briefly for what he wants.

Pulling grenades from his survival kit, Jon tosses one to Jeff and one to Jake. "Use them only when the bastards start going all Helm's Deep on you," he says, looking up, his eyes narrowing on the other two. "Supplies are limited and if you pair Schultzes waste my gear on a chipmunk, I'll...." He trails off, thinking about it. He can hear the sound of something approaching, the soft whoosh of a car.
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