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Jeff collects his gear while the rest of you look out the stronghold's various portals to look out which exist on your eastern wall - Mother nature herself has largely taken care of protecting the other three sides, with sheer cliff walls your engineers have built their walls right up against.

He pauses to polish his prized Steyer as he waits for everyone else to finish their preparations.

Jack turns to Jake (OOC: J, J, J... hmmmm), "Ready to breach?"

Jeff laughs at Jack's demeanor. "Breach? What is this, a fucking submarine? Let's just go already." He walks up and opens the door, stepping outside, assault rifle slung over his shoulder, but his USP in his hand.

All is quiet as you inspect the veritable fleet of automobiles you've assembled. Jeff opens up the back of his truck, inspecting the things he keeps strapped down there.

Jack stands straight, a silently strong figure, his eyes scanning the clear-cut area around the edge of the car-corral you've assembled.

Then, the stillness of the January morning is broken with the unmistakable sound of a car horn splitting the air. Another one follows soon, and they continue blaring in a steady rhythm.

Jack is off in a flash, sprinting out of the yard with a reckless regard for his own safety that is familiarly frustrating.

Yelling at the idiot to stop, Jeff goes after him, gun pumping in his hand.
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