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Ayaka gave the priest a dull glare before resuming her breakfast. The man was deluded, still praying to a god who had obviously abandoned him - if there even was a god to begin with. She scooped a large spoonful of the wet eggs into her mouth, and then covered her face again with the scarf while chewing.

Robert had believed as Poul did. She'd married into a family of believers. She'd found it odd, at first, but spirituality was not exactly a foreign concept to her. She'd respected such belief, had found beauty in it. Now she just felt sorry for the betrayal those faithful must have felt as their loved ones became monstrous abominations. And those like the padre who still hung on to such faith, well, the notion grated on her like nails across a chalkboard.

She never voiced such opinions to the priest though. It wasn't her place to tell him how to live his life. It wasn't her concern. She wished though that he would learn to do the same with her. But being a preacher, she had inevitably concluded that an end to such practice was impossible.

What bothered her most though, was his attitude about this place, and about these people who lived here. The man considered this home, and he acted as though she were a part of his family. But this wasn't Ayaka's home. And this group of strangers was most certainly not her family.

Her family was Robert. And he was dead. No one would ever take that place he had occupied in her heart. The priest's assumptions galled her as much as did his empty bible passages.

But it was not her place to tell him this. It was not her place to cause trouble. She would return to her Greenhouse - her own pocket of space. The last place she could call her own. She would tend her garden, and try not to think about the decaying world around her.
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