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Jon Adler enters the room and sits down at the table. He shiftily eyes you all and sits down, at the first empty chair he finds. His lips curl down into a frown and he stares at his empty plate. The man's brow furrows. Reaching out across the table, Jon picks up a plate of bacon and holds it over his own dish, stabbing a few slices with his fork and transferring them to his plate without a word. He sets the bacon back down in the middle of the table.

Jon sits back in his chair. His chin comes up and he observes the people all around him, brown eyes narrowing and shifting back and forth. Let's see who's going to want to bother me with pointless conversation this morning, he thinks to himself. No one does and this satisfies him. Picking up his fork, he leans over his plate, stabs the bacon and begins shoveling it into his mouth. "Did anyone make eggs?" he asks, interrupting several other conversations.

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