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As Jake walks down the stairs, he stretches and then rubs his hand across his recently re-shorn head, brushing a few stray strands off the shoulder of his leather jacket. He had "Kate" (his all purpose weapon demolition tool and "hitting things until they started working" bar) in his hand as he came down, but he sets it beside the staircase, within easy reach.

"Someday, Padre, you gotta stop calling us sheep. Sheep get rounded up and eaten. We ain't been et yet." He nods quickly to Ayaka and Monica. "Ladies." He clamps Jeff on the shoulder as he passes. "Still crazy there, buddy?* Shoot any Z's in the middle of the night?"

He waves away the bacon first, but then thinks better of it. "I hate bacon. But at least it's not K-Rations. I hate them more." He stands beside the icebox, rather than taking a seat at the table, checking it over to be sure things are still working between bites. After a several bites, he shrugs and holds the plate out. "Somebody want mine?* It's wasted on me - ain't no different from chewing on paper mostly."

He looks around, seemingly slightly uncomfortable. "I thought, since it's a new year and all, I'd do a full maintenence check on all our gear- make sure our gen is still good, check that Jack's stuff still got power, inventory our gas supplies, stuff like that. Give the cages and my bike a once over too, if I can stand to be outside that long." He scratches absently at the scar that runs from just below his left eye to his jawline, seemingly unaware of his actions. "Plus I was thinking that maybe we could push the treeline back a little more, clear a little bit more area around, just in case. Wouldn't hurt to have more firewood either. Hard work keeps you warm, you know? Could make a little fire, smoke some of that eggplant?" He trails off, looking around the room.

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