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[OOC] Visitor's Thread

Any visitors to the game are welcome to post here with their opinions, or questions. If anyone wishes to apply to join the game after it begins, please post your intention here, and then send me a Forum Private Message with the following:
  • Full Personnel File
  • A character history
  • A paragraph describing what the character looks like
  • A sample post for the character, allowing me chance to see what kind of poster you are, and how you bring your character to life
New characters should be made using the Character Creation rules in the Ghostbusters International rulebook. Each new character will be interviewed and put through a trial employment period in-game, after which the current Ghostbusting team will either accept or deny your application to join the franchise.

Anyone who doesn't have access to the book can glance through the rules that I've put up in Player Discussionarea, after my introductory post. If there are any questions after giving that a read through, then Private Message me your queries, and I'll help as best I can.
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