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In short: Behave!

In a tad longer version:
-Do NOT harass other users.
-Do NOT abuse any loopholes you may find in the forum software, report them instead.
-Do NOT discuss political or religious matters on these boards.
-Do NOT use more than four lines of standard sized text in your sig or a single image less then 400*80 pixels and 20kb in size.
-Do NOT post NSFW (Not Safe For Work) material, unless it is behind a clearly marked link.
-Do NOT post in "In-Character" threads unless you are invited to do so by the Game Master (i.e. invited to join the game).
-Do NOT post a link to an offsite forum/game/blog/website/anything in your first few posts.
-Do NOT use images bigger than 500kb in GridMap

-DO NOT say that Santa Claus isn't real
-DO have fun!
-DO read the FAQ
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