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BigRedRod 16th of July, 2006 20:56

Rules of the Road [Read this first or face my wrath]
This thread is subject to change at a moment's notice given that this is a new forum and I may not have considered things what need saying. Just try and use your common sense though and everything should be fine.

What is this forum for?

This forum is for the discussion of the nuts and bolts of the games we play. It's for both players and DMs to ask questions, write little articles, make suggestions and all that other stuff which relates directly to the games.

So, if you want help refining a character concept, or a plot line, or applying game mechanics to a certain situation then here would be the place. Want to argue whether a certain aspect of a certain game is over powered, then you can do that too.

What are the rules?
  • Don't be a tosser. Feel free to disagree with one another, but if you come asking for criticism and take every little suggestion as a personal attack then don't waste my time by posting here. It'll end badly for you.
  • Keep it on-topic. Threads tend to roll about all over the place, this is fine, but try and stop threads from getting sidetracked to discussions which don't relate to the subject matter of the forum.
  • As per usual, if you need my attention for something which you feel is unsuitable for this forum then just send me a private message and I'll deal with it.

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