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Greyroar 1st of May, 2009 08:04

in this section I will put information about various places/peoples/things that I reference in the story that characters MAY know about from their past or just information about things events people that you encounter and may not want to rifle through the past chapters to find the piece of information you need.
BTW: cant figure out how to do spoiler boxes so just dont let ooc knowledge bleed into game play h'ok?

Greyroar 1st of May, 2009 08:12

Location of the fire goblin tribe capital city. The entire city is built east side of a natural "River" of lava, Kagus-ra. The soil surrounding the River basin is cultivated by the fire tribe to grow their staple crops, red lichen and fire root, which actually thrive in the searing heat. Due to the extreme heat of the valley the goblins have dug many deep subterranean wells as a source of water.

The annual celebration of the goblins' chief diety, Kagus. The celebration takes place over a day and includes such festivities as flaming axe hurling. in the later parts of the day the clergy leads a procession of goblins to the apex of the volcano, Kagus-Mok, where goblins toss sacrifices into the inferno.

Greyroar 28th of May, 2009 00:50

The ceremonial home of Kagus, a fiery volcano and wellspring of the Kagus-ra.

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