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Erendiox 30th of October, 2007 11:41

The Bill of Amendments
This thread will contain all house rules currently in effect.

Erendiox 30th of October, 2007 12:05

The One-Week Rule

To keep things brisk and moving, this rule regarding post frequency will be in place. From the last post made that created an opening for you to post, you have one full week to reply. What I mean by that is if I post and open up an opportunity for three people to post, those three people have one week to post from the time my post was made, not one week from the last time one of the three made a post. Those individuals who are up to post will have their names up on the home page of the forum. I'll try to be as diligent as possible about updating this, but please continue to check the thread as you normally would in the case that I make a mistake.

This should not be viewed as a "negative" rule, as dark as it sounds. It is in effect to make sure the game does not fall to a standstill, as I have seen my other game do many times, often for weeks on end. In the event that a player passes the deadline, one strike goes to that player. Very simply, on the third strike you're out of the game. In the even that you've been without a post or a decent excuse after two weeks, this is grounds for immediate removal, as well as the incineration and/or decapitation and/or fatal electrocution of your character and the subsequent plunder of all personal belongings. (That part was a joke... I think)

Of course, circumstances such as vacations, emergencies, loss of internet, being grounded (not mentioning any names...), etc, are exceptions to this rule as long as you LET ME KNOW BEFOREHAND by either PMing me or posting in the OOC thread. Unless something crazy happened, like being dismembered by a rampaging chimpanzee, or whatnot, you need to let us know about it. Don't tell me after your trip to Maui that you were going to be gone for 2 weeks. You guys get the picture.

One last thing... and I stress this... if your name is not up on the front of the forum, don't feel that it means you can't post. With the exception of being in combat time, if you have something you want your character to do/say, don't hesitate to post it.

Erendiox 30th of October, 2007 12:10

Stunt Rule

Stunts will work a little bit differently. All the rules for performing stunts are the same, but the dice you receive for pulling off a stunt are doubled. So stunts are now 2 die stunts, 4 die stunts, and 6 die stunts. In addition, essence regeneration is also 2, 4, and 6 motes respectively. Also, instead of having the option of regaining willpower with level 2 and level 3 stunts, willpower will be awarded in addition to essence regeneration. Genuine level 3 stunts will also award the character a point of experience. Level 3 stunts will be voted on, so whenever I see a stunt that might be deserving, i'll mention it on the wall, and everyone will cast a yay or nay. Level 3 stunts are supposed to be rare and totally awesome, so don't feel bad about saying nay to a cool but not astonishing stunt. The effects of each stunt level are as follows:

Level 1: +2 dice +2 motes
Level 2: +4 dice +4 motes +1 Willpower
Level 3: +6 dice +6 motes +2 Willpower +1 XP

I'm hoping this will inspire you guys to work harder to get stunt dice as the reward is much more worth it and can definitely turn the tide in a battle.

Erendiox 30th of October, 2007 12:11

Overwhelming Rule

Overwhelming damage is calculated differently than via the normal rules. Instead of taking the higher of your weapon's overwhelming tag or your essence, use this method:

- Start with the overwhelming score of your weapon (1 if no tag).

- If your essence score is higher than the essence score of your target, add the difference of your essence scores to your weapon's overwhelming score.

Since i'll always be the one rolling damage, you won't have to worry about this calculation. Basically what this does is make weapon overwhelming scores relevant when you reach high essence scores, instead of fading into obscurity. It also makes weapon overwhelming scores a more important attribute when choosing a weapon. In addition, it cuts down the very high minimum damage rolls that are achieved with high essence scores. This is to discourage ping-spamming and to put my mind at ease.

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