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Greyroar 22nd of July, 2009 07:27

Chapter 0: Prologue
For various reasons each of you has journeyed to the southern reaches of Creation and found yourself in a small village just twenty miles north of Gem. For some this is a rest point before continuing on to the main city in search of glory and adventure. For others it is the beginning of a search to find what once was lost or is yet to be found. Reguardless of the reason you have come to it, the village of Azurite, which is aptly named for it's azurite mines which provide a much needed source of income for the peoples of the village as the land surrounding the village limmits is rough and hardly suitable for farming more than turnips.
During your stay in Azurite, you are welcomed into the solitary inn, the maidens rest, which also doubles as the judicial center. This evening is the monthly meeting of the govenor's council to discuss matters of law (revenue, new laws, etc.). You all, along with the other patrons, are relaxing in the tavern when a loud shouting comes from outside. The council is quick to its feet and heads for the door, many of the patrons rush to follow.

SinbadEV 22nd of July, 2009 12:17

Sheena stands and moves towards the door with the others.

Shoelip 23rd of July, 2009 14:27

Mende, a young man dressed in simple peasant's garb, is startled by the commotion, and fearing he knows the cause hurries to see what is happening.

Scythe 25th of July, 2009 02:57

Lyonel has been walking relentlessly for many days and nights, and finally, finally; a moment's rest. The young warlock has been searching for some time for greater knowledge, and rumors had told that the great city of Gem had many secret hidden within their walls and theirs dunes.

His travels had led him to this small village where he could rest some time before heading out; however, something has caught his eye, some commotion. He would rise up from his comfortabe and relaxed position and investigate the situation. Simply wearing to anyone who looks a sand colored over cloak that covers most of his body and face, he rushes towards the ruckus.

Greyroar 29th of July, 2009 11:23

Outside you see a gathering of people all surrounding a singlular figure. You can just barely make out that it is a man and by the state of his clothes you can tell that he has had a rough night. He seems to be alternating between shouting at the moon and sobbing incoherently. The villagers seem to be ushering him into the tavern.
When the crowd finaly manages to herd the man into the tavern they walk him to a table where he collapses into a chair. He shakes uncontrollably and mutters to himself. Upon closer inspection of the man you see that his clothing is torn and bloodied in places.

Shoelip 29th of July, 2009 21:26

Mende attempts to get closer to the man. "Excuse me, I'm a healer! P- please let me through!" Once he gets through, if he gets through, he tries to speak to the man. "Are you injured? What's happened?"

SinbadEV 31st of July, 2009 04:40

Sheena feels no need to move beyond the periphery of the crowd, trying to use her above average height to get a view of activity.

Greyroar 1st of August, 2009 04:57

The crowd around the man parts to allow Mende through. His eyes stare at Mende but you can tell that his vision isn't quite in focus, " are a priest?"

Shoelip 1st of August, 2009 05:12

Mende nods, and speaks in a calm voice trying to calm the man. "Yes, please let me help you. Are you injured?"

Greyroar 4th of August, 2009 06:30

The man falls to the floor in front of Mende groveling, "Oh thank the gods! Please, you must help my wife. She was attacked by a monster and... it's hard to explain you just have to come." He looks up at Mende tears in his eyes.

Shoelip 4th of August, 2009 06:40

"Wha- Uh, alright. Let's go. You can tell me about it on the way."

Scythe 4th of August, 2009 23:05

"A monster, in these parts? Interesting", the young cloaked wizard was thinking, as he slowly made his way towards the scene, towards the scared and sobbing little man in the middle of it all.

"You seem like an honest man, I shall also come to your aid; this story of yours intrigues me. Please, tell us more on the way!"

Greyroar 5th of August, 2009 10:58

The man looks at the wizard growing paler, "I dare say man that I should hope that we don't encounter the beast, no 'fense but you two wouldn't stand a chance. It has the face of a demon, horrifying and cruel, but that's nothing compaired to the beasts claws, a good five inches they was, and jagged as a knife; lifted my wife clear off the ground with one swipe."

Shoelip 5th of August, 2009 11:47

Mende isn't sure if he can believe this man's tale, but the fact that he's covered in blood and asking for a healer is enough to make him feel he must at least investigate. "Um... It's... Where did it go?"

SinbadEV 5th of August, 2009 13:52

Sheena on the mention of a monster, namely one with five inch claws, decides on the spot that she will help the man. Though she is more interested in the potential for a fight then the opportunity to come to the aid of her fellow man.

She makes her way to the front of the crown, casually bumping anyone out of the way as needed to reach her goal. She stands expectantly by the apparent wizard and priest waiting for the man to provide some details, just assuming that her help in the matter will be accepted.

Greyroar 7th of August, 2009 06:55

The man openly gawks at Sheena, " might be able to take on the beast, or at least wound it enough that it runs off. But we must make haste I fear she hasn't long." he staggers out of his chair and limp/runs toward the tavern's door.

Shoelip 7th of August, 2009 07:07

Mende hurries after the man to help him walk. "Please, you're injured. At least let me help you. If we must hurry, you need the strength to lead us there."

OOC: If the man is willing, will sacrifice cause fear to spontaneously cast cure light wounds on him.

Scythe 7th of August, 2009 12:16

Lyonel spots the barbarian princess as she comes through the crowd; he knew from his books that savages didn't come to another's aid like such; the wizard expected some other devious plan.

"Don't worry, and let's get a move on; if this beast is truly still in the area, than we have no time to waste! We three company are capable enough, I hope... I suppose, it seems."

The young wizard hasn't had many encounters with terrifying beasts before, and the idea that such a creature, as the man described, exists, however, was enough for him to investigate.

Greyroar 8th of August, 2009 05:54

Mende, being unwounded, is able to catch up to the limping man. He responds with an almost casual, "The leg ain't so bad, 'sides ol' Buela's legs are right as rain." He gestures to a plow horse down the road. "Best save your spells fer my wife." He continues to limp down the road and, after a few tries, manages to mount his horse. "Y'all have horses don't ya?"

Shoelip 9th of August, 2009 06:49

"Er, no." Answers Mende. In fact, he had not had a horse before all his worldly possessions were were stripped from him by goblins.

Scythe 14th of August, 2009 01:34

The young wizard chuckles a bit: "Horses eh? I'm sure someone around here wouldn't mind lending us some...?"

He'll look around for some horses, and ask their proprietor for a loan.

Greyroar 14th of August, 2009 05:41

As Lionel looks around he happens to see what may be the flick of a horses tail from around the corner of the building.

Greyroar 18th of August, 2009 05:23

As time passes the distinctive sound of an animal snorting can also be heard and a gentle voice speaking although you cannot make out what is being said.

Shoelip 18th of August, 2009 09:23

Mende glances at Lionel. "Well, um, we are in something of a hurry, Do you have any idea where we might find horses?" Just as he says this, he hears the distinctive sound of an equine snort and looks around for it's source.

Scythe 20th of August, 2009 08:02

Lionel follows the whipping tail to hopefully it's owner, and will ask him nicely for a loan: "Pardon me, would you mind if I borrowed your horse? My comrades wife is in danger, and we need to hurry!"

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