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Rimmerdal 27th of November, 2009 06:07

Monsterous Maximius!!!
Deadline Ghouls (Unintentional):
This undead spirit created on Dead Leylines. Mostly animals and monster corpse are possessed. Dead bodies can be possessed and used with out trouble.
Often animals that are unaware they are dead or with a dedicated mission that cannot be finished or accomplished.

Human/D-Bee Ghouls (Intentional):
this a body possessed by a Human/D-bee spirit. Most are evil men who chose not pass on to the next life. Some are mages seeking immortality; others are simply those who have a mission. Intentional Ghouls can possess dead bodies

Ghoul Abilities Common to ALL ghouls.
1) Bio regeneration:
they can use limbs from prey to replace lost limbs. Many cases taking a limb like a scorpion tail will add to the lethality of the ghoul.

As part of there Bio-regeneration they take the qualities of the Limbs they acquire. For instance the capturing of a poisonous hand/arm means that hands grip is poisonous. This applies to limbs.

If a head is added it simply gives the ghoul a new set of eyes. This a common trick used by burrowing predators. By getting a head of some predator they attack with it then strike from behind or beneath while the target faces there tail.

No new knowledge is gained by doing this. Ghouls are undead parasites that take body parts and corpse. No consumption of the soul, mind or other personnel energies of the prey is taken.

2) Sense Living:
they can track magic and Living targets along Leylines or there hunting grounds. Range: half a mile.

Dead line:
3-5) animals often have a frightening array of powers based on what limbs/body parts they have. These "Undead Chimera" are always treated as a threat.

Humanoid/D-Bee Ghouls:
OCC/RCC: thought they do not increase in level or improve skills OCC/RCC skills are known. This makes these rare ghouls a class A threat.

3-5) they can have OCC/RCC abilities. Physical powers (whether granted by Limbs stolen or HU powers), Psi-Swords and other Psionic powers the GM deems fair/needed.

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The Blood Tribes:
The Vampires seeing the threat looming call a truce among them and are considering aiding Dunscon's Federation of Magic. The main tribes include:
-Strigoi (Subterfuge Tribe, Advisors)
-Kali (Warrior-Killer Tribe, keeps the others in line.)
-Raktabija (Mage Tribe, Most demonic looking)
-Bhuta (The Vengeful Undead, Anti-Hunters)
(See appendix #1: Vampires of the Dark New World)

Vampires of the Dark New World
The Blood Tribes:
Blood Tribes and OCC's:
Master and Secondary Vampires retain OCC's and skills but need x4 the normal experience. (But cannot learn R.C.C.s or new O.C.C.'s)

"Blood Hound" RCC: (Standard OCC applies)
These are human who drink vampire blood to enhance themselves. If they stop drinking they go through with drawl similar to juicers.
Tracking (target once blood is tasted)
Land Navigation (back to master)
Prowl +5%
Climb +5%
Other skills:
They gain no new skills for being a Blood Hounds.
Attribute Bonuses:
IQ:-3 ME:-3 MA:-3 PS: +3 PP: +3 PE: +3 PB:-2 Speed: +5

'Blood Hound' Abilities:
Sense Blood (superior, x2 range and efficiency)
Track Blood (superior, x2 range and efficiency)
Intuitive Combat
Sixth Sense
Cannot create other vampires
2 Vampire powers

Vampire Stats:
Vampires retain the there humanoid stats and add a bonus.

Vampire Royalty: Must be created at a Leyline or by spell.
IQ: +6 ME: +6 MA: +4 PS: +8 PP: +8 PE: +10 PB: +2 Speed: +10
Royal Vampire Powers:
2d6 Variable Vampire Powers
Mind Control (Victim, via blood consumption)
Mind Control (Vampire: 40%, Secondary 50%, "Blood hound" 98% again via blood consumption)
Vampire Creation-bite (Vampire: Master 60%, Secondary 80%, Bloodhound 90%)

IQ: +6 ME:+6 MA: +4 PS: +8 PP: +8 PE: +10 PB: +2 Speed: +10
Master Vampire Powers:
2d4 Variable Vampire Powers
Mind Control (Victim)
Mind Control (Vampire: Secondary 70%, Bloodhound 90%)
Vampire Creation-bite (Vampire: Secondary 70%, Bloodhound 80%)

IQ: +4 ME: +4 MA: +2 PS: +6 PP: +8 PE: +8 PB: +2 Speed: +8
Secondary Vampire:
1d4 Variable Vampire Powers (Can choose controlled or Non-controlled)
Mind Control (Victim)
Mind Control (Vampire: Secondary 40%, "Blood hound" 60%)
Vampire Creation-bite (Vampire: Secondary 60%)

Basic Vampire powers:
Bio-Regeneration (self)
Smell Blood (lesser)
Does not breathe
No Body heat
No pulse or Heart beat
Sense other Vampires (Identify tribe)
Killing Bite: Converts
Radiate Horror factor with teeth out

Basic Vampire Weakness:
Fire Inflicts x2 Damage
Herb repel/block passage
Cross Repels/Damage to touch
Silver damage does not regenerate
Heal silver damage as normal human
Sun inflicts 2d4 Damage per round (MDC or not.)

Variable Vampire Powers:
Note: Controlled abilities must be activated by act of will. Uncontrolled work as needed/constantly 'on' at all times.
Uncontrolled Powers:
Carpet of Adhesion: Superior (self only)
Super Natural PS
Super Natural MDC
Super Natural PE
Vulnerability (Garlic, x2 Damage by garlic poisons)
Vulnerability (Water causes damage)
Vulnerability (Wooden Stakes, Paralyze)
Can Not Create Vampires
Immune to Mind Control by other vampires (No Tribe)
Vulnerability (Requires Sleep during day)
Controlled Powers
Carpet of Adhesion: Superior (self only)
Metamorphosis (Rodents, 2/lbs. of vampire) *
Metamorphosis (Wolf) *
Metamorphosis (Mist) *
Psychic Ability: Mind Block **
Psychic Ability: Alter Aura (self) **
Psychic Ability: Induced Sleep **
Psychic Ability: Deaden Pain **
Psychic Ability: Sense Evil **
Psychic Ability: Presence sense **
Psychic Ability: Empathy **
Psychic Ability: Death Trance **
Super Hypnotic Suggestion ***
Simulate Heart Beat/Pulse ****
Simulate Breathing ****
Simulate Skin Tone Color ****
Super Natural Damage Resistance (MDC) **
Summon Wolves (as Summon & control Canine) *
Summon Rodents (10/level, can not select type) *
Summon Insects *
Control Weather (Create Fog) *

* Requires a vampire take a Vulnerability
**for every 2 Psychic Abilities the vampire receives 1Vulnerability.

***1 Vulnerability /per Super Psionic.
****Heals as human during the day

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Industrial Dragon (Psi-Dragon)

The industrial Dragon is an oddity among its kind. These dragons are social and active creature. Most are Heads of Corporations, Mercenary Companies and Arms dealers. Often a mated pair will consider a merger or alliance in terms of Finance and need. Industrials seem to have great amount of loyalty to mates and other industrial dragons.

They form a vast financial network across North America. Industrial dragons have a friendly Rivalry going. While they are still strong allies and keep their competition on the financial and business level, they will never wipe out there fellow Industrials completely, or leaving them too vulnerable. Industrial Dragons treat each other like a fraternity and sort of like family.

These dragons look more mechanical than organic they are often consider some type cyber-dragon or alien creature. In the human form they are unable to change there features and always take on the same human features. In reality they are a rare breed of Psi-Dragons. A sub species of dragons that wield Psionic powers, all are enlightened and possesses a Psychic third eye.

Alignment: Any, most are Principled, Aberrant or Unprincipled.

R.C.C.: Treated as Psi-techs

Natural Abilities: As OCC plus:
-As standard Power Armour Optics and Audio Pick up.
-Sense Magic
-See invisible
-Sixth Sense
-Read Dimensional Anomaly
-Sense Dimensional Anomaly
-Night Vision
-Electro-Kinesis (Powers there armour/Weapons at no cost.)

The Dragon is Impervious to Industrial Toxins/Poisons, Radiation and other Industrial waste materials.

Metamorphosis: can change to a human (with armour worn), otherwise as Chiang-Ku. In both forms the dragon is able to use Psionics.

Energy-Matter Teleport field: It works in the air or on the ground, Button or tele-mechanically activated. It otherwise has the same range as normal.

Techno-Augmented Scales: the scales take on the properties of whatever armour was worn at the time they morphed to a dragon. Hence if it was a Glitter Boy was worn the Scales will be resistant as the Glitter boy was.

Weapons Payload: Whatever the PA they have on at the time of there change. Missiles and ammo restore as they Bio-regenerate. As does any damage the PA took while in human form. To make the weapons and ammo they use surrounding material and PPE to generate the needed components. If pre-fabricated parts are near they can use them as well but must still pay the PPE to replace ammunition or affect repairs.

Cost for generating materials is as follows:
10 PPE/20 ISP to generate 10 pounds of 'raw material' per level:
Can be it used to make
-100 PPE per 10 rounds of ammo (rail gun ammo other solid fire power)
-100 PPE/100 MDC of Body Armour/PA armour.

Industrial Dragons can not regenerate mini-missiles.

Bio-Regeneration (special): This dragon can consume metals and other special chemicals to repair damage and replace ammo. With out armour it operates as normal.

Breath Weapon: None. They employ weapons of the PA and use natural Psionic powers. Missiles fire from areas above the from under scales

Bonuses: as OCC plus:


Magical Knowledge: As Psi-Techs

Psionics: As Psi-tech, Plus natural abilities.

Skills: As Psi-Tech

Weapons and Equipment: As starting per OCC

Money: As starting per OCC

Cybernetics: None, they do not need them as there powers add and remove them as needed.

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Size category: variable, normally human-sized or smaller
Food source: Any living including animals and Ley lines

The Zombie is often seek targets out of vengeance. This target can be vague like slavers or a specific person/OCC. Many serve as protectors by seeking out the target of there Vengeance. The exact reasons varies with the individual Zombies, but all have a consuming hunger...there revenge.

Zombies Abilities Common to ALL Zombies.

1) Innate Psionics:
-Psychic Purification (Self, usable only when they feed)
-Psychic Diagnosis (Self, usable only when they feed)
-Psychic surgery (Self, usable only when they feed)
-Sense Weakness (always active, detects Fire/Fire capable targets in 50 feet)

2) Bio regeneration:
The Zombie’s heals by feeding on the living.

3) Sense Living:
they can track magic and Living targets along Ley Lines or there hunting grounds. Range: half a mile.

4) Sense Target/Objective: range unlimited
The Zombie may only travel any distance and including out his native territory to seek it's target.

5) Weapons and gear:
What they had when they died or favored in life is what they will typically have.

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Size category: variable, normally human-sized or smaller
Food source: Special, see below

The undead called ghosts are people who for some reason stayed undead. The Ghost is often seen performing some task he or she could not complete in life. Many serve as protectors, some Seek to finish a task, exact reason varies with the individual ghost.

Ghost will always target those who can hurt them first. The spectre possesses all the skills they had in life including the capacity of magic and Psionics. They can only target there objective or act in defence with any powers they have.

Ghost Abilities Common to ALL ghosts.

1) Innate Psionics:
-Psychic Purification (Self, usable only when they reappear)
-Psychic Diagnosis (Self, usable only when they reappear)
-Psychic surgery (Self, usable only when they reappear)
-Sense Weakness (always active, detects Salt in 50feet)

2) Bio regeneration:
The ghost’s form can return as long as the Fucus is intact or it’s objective is incomplete. As long as the body or focus exists so does the ghosts. The focus or “Soul Anchor” must be the ghost body, a physical object or a location. If this is destroyed/salted then the ghost is destroyed.

3) Sense Living:
they can track magic and Living targets along Ley Lines or there hunting grounds. Range: half a mile.

4) Sense Target/Objective: range unlimited
The ghost may only travel a set distance from Focus.

5) Apparition Damage:
Salt, Magic or Psionics only can damage this damage will slow the apparition and destruction of the apparition will force it to reform which takes 2d4 minutes. Ghost use there old SDC and Hitpoints or MDC they had in life. Exorcism other forms traditional counters will ward off the ghost for 2d4 Hours.

6) Weapons and gear:
What they had when they died or favored in life is what they will have in there Apparition.

Rimmerdal 27th of November, 2009 06:31

The Wendigo:
Type: humanoid
Size category: variable, normally human-sized or smaller
Food source: PPE/ISP

This human cannibals that achieved Immortality of as sort by consuming Humanoid flesh they absorb ambient PPE/ISP. The age of the beast is indeterminate but many keep items from there past that may indicate age. They typically lair in remote areas that are often traveled or have a lot people visit annually like parks and old ruins near states.
1) Bio-Regeneration (self) but must eat to maintain their regeneration, the body of the monster will feed upon it's self. When feeding on itself the creature will losing 10 lbs. per day and one power every 2 days unless hibernating. After a 6 month long hibernation it is fully restored.

2) Innate Psionics:
-Psychic Purification (Self, usable only when sleeping or hibernating)
-Psychic Diagnosis (Self, usable only when sleeping or hibernating)
-Psychic surgery (Self, usable only when sleeping or hibernating)
-Sense Weakness (always active, detects Iron or fire in 50feet)

3) Detect magical creatures, Ley Lines and Energy

4) Super natural attributes-
Mega-damage Skin (Add SDC and hit points together for a total MDC) and Super-natural Strength (for damage only) except

5) Hibernation:
This fiend is able to sleep for extended periods (up to one year) in which they completely heal and re-grow ALL body parts.

-Fire, otherwise they get back up. Even MDC will not permanently kill them they will regenerate in 2d6 days and rise from the sot they were killed or at a lair. Fire inflicts MDC and they burn twice as long.
-Cannot enter circles of Cold wrought Iron and other protective magic areas.

They possess the OCC/RCC in life. However, cannot cast spells. Psionic abilities are used as a reflex. This includes Sensitive and any defensive psionics such as Auto-Mind block. But they cannot choose a target; they target the last person to attack them. Wendigo prefer melee combat or use weapons they had in life.

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The Gargoyle:
Type: humanoid (2d4x5 SDC or by OCC which ever is higher)
Size category: variable, normally human-sized
Food source: Various

The Dark new gargoyle is not an alien or Dimensional Being; it is a race that is native to earth. This humanoid has been hidden and living in out of the way places. When technology was developed they adapted and hid using that. By creating false identities and using online banking they managed to stay unseen.

Many clans have mutated to match environs. Urban gargoyles often feed on various metallic such as Chrome, steel and Iron, others of forests live on trees, rocks and even water or other elements of nature such as Earth or sub elements like Magma, Ice and minerals.

This means they take on many qualities and powers. The Sand Gargoyles are said to transform into small sandstorms…Water Gargoyles live in water and can become a scalding hot burst or create sheets of water able to cut through military grade metals. Most posses Psychic powers like Bursters and such. There rumours of Sound, Light and ‘chemical’ Gargoyles as well.

The common ones known to most are stone and earth types as they the most adapted. But undead hunters and monster hunters often seek out silver, fire and water Gargoyles to aid them.

When the Rifts opened they became hunters of the undead and ghosts
1) Hibernation (self) this form allows them to bio regenerate. They can choose when to do this.

2) Innate Psionics: (these powers work only in stone Hibernation)
-Psychic Purification (Self)
-Psychic Diagnosis (Self)
-Psychic surgery (Self)
-Sense threat (active in hibernation, detects threats at 30 feet, and they will automatically revert to active mode)

3) See invisible, sense magic and sense undead. They can detect necromancy instantly.

4) Healing:
They need materials of there element to use Bio-regenerate. This means most clans stay close to the element of the clan.

-While Hibernating they cannot react and are vulnerable. They can only Bio-regenerate in elemental form.

They possess the OCC’s, PCC and MCC’s. Gargoyles typically favor Warrior and Adventurer classes. Often found with men of arms classes many underestimate the Gargoyle capacity for magic and Psychic abilities, particularly for elemental and industrial types of magic.

Gargoyles as PCs use human or animal stats depending on form (Giant if they are giant sized) with bonuses based on there elemental nature if appropriate.

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The Medusa is an ancient greek race. Long thought to be eliminated some have surfaced.

Medusa tribes are identified by the breed of snake on there heads. Each tribe being a part of the greater race. Most have counsel with a Council. Some tribes chose not to participate for various reasons.

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Were creatures:

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