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Chris Chandler 16th of May, 2007 13:02

Veronica Sawyer and Heather Chandler
The hotel room has been cleaned most recently, with any immediate evidence being cleaned up or removed. Of course, we're not looking for that kind of evidence. Here are the pertinent posts, for convenience:


Seriously, you fan out, Ala popping out from the rucksack, and Veruca looking very... lost. She wanders over to the bathroom, and starts to glance around aimlessly.

Ala replies (spoilers don't transfer over)

The specifics of the room are pretty standard - is there some place specific you want to look?

Heather -

Are you just doing the ol' snatch and grab, or are you looking for specifics, as well?

If there aren't specifics, let's see a few perception checks between you two. I'll do the same with your peons.
and -


I but then spend some time touching the floor right where the fight happened. (14) Since it's in the middle of the room, I figure I'll get some decent vibes off of there of maybe much more than just that incident.

(((If I have time after I'm done, I'll scrounge quickly for anything of significance they might have missed. [13] But if the first psychometry leads to something else, then I'll divert my attention to that -- if I need to check out the bathroom, or the mirror, or whatnot. I'm trying to stay loose and go with my gut, basically.)))
First the floor -
  • Yesterday, a loud roaring and feeling of motion all around. Wheels and a spinning spinning brush indicate the underside of a vaccuum cleaner, the end of whatever cleaning was done here.
  • Four days ago. You feel the burden of death around you. You hear a door slam, and the muted sound of an engine roaring then waning in proximity. The life of a man is still here, but as you listen - Soft ragged breaths, at first very rapid, then with one gasp, his... spirit leaves. Something isn't right here. You sense the spirit, but something is different. The image fades before you see any more.
  • Grappling and wrestling on the floor. You hear the grunting of a much weaker man being manhandled to the floor. You feel the blows to the body and hear the shot ring out. A muffled scream of a woman. You hear the now familiar voice of Doe 7 - You are all going to die, you damn abominations. Every *crack* last *crack* one of you *BLAM*
  • Voices talking above you, Doe 7 and Doe 4

I don't know what to say...

Tell me who did this?

I can't, because I don't know

What did they do with Samuel?! What did they do!?

He - as far as I know he's still out there. Look, you didn't come here to interrogate me. Get this done!

Fine - you can't help, won't help, then I have to. Don't look so smug! You have no idea what we've been -

I know, it's always worst around you. We've all got problems, asshole.

You aren't even supposed to be alive, and you still won't help! Then fine -

and you hear the familiar Latin phrase.

LadyGlutter 17th of May, 2007 00:07

:cat: To answer the questions of last night, all of that would have been flash communicated to Heather.:cat:

I may as well check each of the beds while they are looking for stuff at it (or is it just one? Whichever it is. 7 & 5 for my rolls.) "Just another couple of things, then we can head."

Chris Chandler 17th of May, 2007 00:38

Even though you get a good lock on things, and the psychometric images you see are very clear, you don't really glean a whole lot - you really see the same scenes from simply a different point of view. One thing that is clear, though, is that these beds haven't been used, for sleep or otherwise.

LightBringer 19th of May, 2007 14:57

bwhaahaahaaahaa, I'm here, but I'm going to bed. :tired: Just thought I'd let you know I managed to get on. See you guys later. Hope yopu get feeling better T. :KO:

Chris Chandler 19th of May, 2007 17:40


LadyGlutter 22nd of May, 2007 00:16

(Thanks, LB. I feel much better now. No idea what was up. In the meantime, I must post an ULTRA FAST POST OF DOOM -- I'll fill in details if the net holds up later, but here goes --)

I will wrap it up, flashing all the details I can to Heather as I get them. I also intend to pull Veruca to the side and ask her quietly (in the bathroom, whatever, so she feels a bit of privacy from Heather even though *I* know that's a joke) about what it was she wanted to talk to me about earlier. I'll be nice, but also firm, that she NEEDS to talk now if she wants to not talk in front of the others because we're probably going to be together for a bit.

LightBringer 22nd of May, 2007 07:46

I'll just take in the info. I really was taking the phone, unless Ronnie got a read on it already. I'll also move around a lot to make it look like we are working while they are in the bathroom.

Chris Chandler 22nd of May, 2007 23:46

PM to Ladyglutter, then we'll move forward.

Chris Chandler 23rd of May, 2007 01:24

Okay, the phone's been grabbed, as well as the other items that were previously mentioned, and Veruca is decidedly closed-lipped right here.

Ala doesn't find anything in her little search.

Veronica, you scrounge really well, and are sure that you've cleaned this place out of anything else that might be any sort of clue.

David taps his watchs waves his hand in the direction of the door.

We've got to get going, ladies. I've got to hit the bridge before 4:30 or Jen and Brock'll have to head out without me.

Tumbling into the van, the group heads out - it looks like you left without being noticed.

Heather - you're shotgun, which is why you notice it.

You've heard Veronica's descriptions, along with the anecdotes from Brock, Jen, and David, have a good picture of Doe 7, and you already know what Ginger Morris looks like.

You're at a stop, and you see a woman in the passenger seat of a dark red Tahoe that, at first, looks familiar, then you can see is Ginger. David pulls off just as you make the connection, but no worries - they follow behind you, at least until I-80.

LightBringer 23rd of May, 2007 04:20

"Ronnie are you messing with my head right now?? Cause I swear I just saw Ginger in that Tahoe!!"

LadyGlutter 23rd of May, 2007 04:45


Ahem. No it's not me. What Tahoe?!!! Where? Rock on, I might can get in her head if I can see her, then.

LightBringer 23rd of May, 2007 04:55

The one right behind us. Try not to set off her defenses.

LadyGlutter 23rd of May, 2007 05:08

Well big fat DUH. As if!

I turn around and glance, oh so casually. Can I see her? Huh, huh, can I?

Chris Chandler 23rd of May, 2007 07:06

It's a full sized-van. Heather could only see her because she has a rearview mirror.


LadyGlutter 23rd of May, 2007 08:23

clairvoyance then: 11 as per my dice.

to make the GM shaddup: [roll0]

I still like real dice better.

Chris Chandler 24th of May, 2007 00:59

Well, either one of those take care of what you want to do, Veronica. You concentrate for a moment, and your sight pushes through the rear of the van and outside. You see the dark red Tahoe, Doe 7 (John Richter), and Ms. Morris. They are talking - it looks like he just told her a joke, and she rolls her eyes.

LadyGlutter 24th of May, 2007 23:44

(clairaudience 8)

Well, Heather, definitely it's both of them behind us. I don't know if they're following us, but the coincidence is too much. I'm trying to listen in, but I'm not poking in any brains because that for sure might tip them off. They're much better trained in that kind of thing than these guys would be.

Chris Chandler 25th of May, 2007 02:24

And... now you pick up the auditory component - John is telling Ginger a joke:

... Vatican to meet the pope. Grumpy, for once,
seems to have a lot to say; he keeps asking the pontiff questions about
the church, and in particular, nuns.
"Your Holiness, do you have any really short nuns?"

Wait, what?

Really short nuns.

"No, my son, all our nuns are at least five feet tall."
"Are you sure? I mean, you wouldn't have any nuns that are, say,
about my height? Maybe a little shorter?"
"I'm afraid not. Why do you ask?"
"No reason." Pause. "Positive? Nobody in a habit that's about
three feet tall, two and a half feet tall?"

Two and a half feet tall?

Just go with it, Gin... anywaysNobody in a habit that's about
three feet tall, two and a half feet tall?"

"I'm sure."
Grumpy looks dejected at this news, and the pope wonders why.

So am I...

So he listens to the dwarfs as they leave the building.
"What'd he say? What'd he say?" chant the other six dwarfs.
Grumpy says, "He said they don't have any."
And the other six start chanting, "Grumpy screwed a penguin! Grumpy
screwed a penguin! Grumpy screwed a penguin!"....

Oh. my. Gawd. John, I really would have relished those two minutes I just lost. I could have used them.

Nah - I'd have just wasted your time otherwise...


LadyGlutter 25th of May, 2007 02:38

Yes. This is good, it's giving me an idea of where they stand anyway, even if they're not saying anything relevant yet.

He's telling stupid penguin and nun jokes to her. And she's enjoying it. She's hardly a prisoner. I'm still listening. Do you think that David realizes? Talk to him about something, see if he's tense or even noticing, and I'm going to get Ala on him when you distract him.

Ala, whenever Heather gets DAvid talking, can you see if he realizes that Doe 7 is behind us? BE SNEAKY, and don't say anything outloud. I can't do both at once.

Chris Chandler 25th of May, 2007 03:04

Ala gives you a sense of assent before setting her sights on David.

Heather, I'll wait for your action before I give David's reaction.

Their conversation tapers off for a bit as Ginger looks out the window with a, Oh, did you see the goldfinch?

Yeah, I'm freaking Audobon while I'm in traffic, silly.

John turns on the radio and Fall Out Boy clamors for attention:

I'm just a notch in your bedpost
But you're just a line in a song
(A notch in your bedpost, but you're just a line in a song)

Drop a heart, break a name
We're always sleeping in, and sleeping for the wrong team

We're going down, down in an earlier round
And Sugar, we're going down swinging

...and he changes the channel in preference to an oldie - They sing "Lollipop" in harmony. They are comfortable and relaxed. She enjoys his company, clearly.

LadyGlutter 25th of May, 2007 05:44

(I really enjoy that song! So I guess I do officially like Fallout Boy, thanks for the research, Mr. GM :))

LightBringer 25th of May, 2007 13:50

I'll look over at David, "So where are you guys going again tonight?"

Chris Chandler 26th of May, 2007 13:12

Well, the man Brock spoke to... Mr. Cortez? He has a very good network, and his guys have been... trying to follow Doe 7 since Brock contacted him about it. I don't know - Mr. Cortez is an odd man. He - have you ever hear of Santaria?

Now, to answer the question, David's completely calm and relaxed. He's not acting like something is going on around him.

LadyGlutter 30th of May, 2007 00:45

While I don't speak to Heather, she'll get a strong sense of me trying NOT to react to what David just said, and a strong flash of Kenny's image in my head.

(I made my will save. :P And that's the sum total of rp that went on Friday for the Wondertwins.)

LightBringer 30th of May, 2007 01:01

I think for a minute then to keep from sounding to stupid I reply, "I don't think so."

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