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Prince Yami 23rd of August, 2009 11:21

Korgul Skullcracker
Korgul Skullcracker

Half-Orc, Wizard 2
Medium Natural Humanoid
Alignment : Good
Background : Waterdeep

Strength 14 (+2) (base 12 for 4 points, +2 racial)
Constitution 14 (+2) (base 14 for 5 points)
Dexterity 12 (+1) (base 10 for 0 points, +2 racial )
Intelligence 16 (+3) (base 16 for 9 points)
Wisdom 12 (+1) (base 12 for 2 points)
Charisma 12 (+1) (base 12 for 2 points)

Initiative +2 (+1 dex, +1 level)

Passive Insight 12 (+5 training, +X wis, +X level)
Passive Perception 12 (+X wis, +X level)
Normal vision, or otherwise

HP 28 (base +10, +14 con, +4 level)
Bloodied 15
Healing Surges 8 (base 6, +2 con)
Surge Value 7

AC 16 (+2 armour, +X shield, +2 dex/int, +1 Staff of defense, +1 level)
Fortitude 13 (+0 class, +2 str/con, +1 level)
Reflex 14 (+0 class, +3 dex/int, +X shield, +1 level)
Will 14 (+2 class, +1 wis/cha, +1 level)
Resist X whatever
Immune whatever
Vulnerable whatever
Saves +X against whatever

Speed 6 squares
Action Points 1 (no milestones)

— Acrobatics +2 (+1 dex, +1 level)
— Arcana +9 (+5 Training, +3 int, +1 level,)
— Athletics +3 (+2 str, +1 level)
— Bluff +2 (+1 cha, +1 level)
— Diplomacy +7 (+5 training, +1 cha, +1 level)
— Dungeoneering +7 (+5 Training, +1 wis, +1 level)
— Endurance +5 (+2 racial, +2 con, +1 level)
— Heal +2 (+1 wis, +1 level)
— History +4 (+3 int, +1 level)
— Insight +2 (+1 wis, +1 level)
— Intimidate +4 (+2 racial, +1 cha, +1 level)
— Nature +7 (+5 training, +1 wis, +1 level)
— Perception +2 (+1 wis, +1 level)
— Religion +4 (+3 int, +1 level)
— Stealth +2 (+1 dex, +1 level)
— Streetwise +2 (+1 cha, +1 level)
— Thievery +2 (+1 dex, +1 level)

Prince Yami 5th of September, 2009 05:46

Feats & Features

Race Features
Half-Orc Resilliance: First time bloodied in an encounter gain 5 temporary hit points.
Swift charge: +2 bonus to speed when charging
Furious assault (racial encounter power; below)

Class Features
Cantrips (see below)
Arcane Implement Mastery (staff of defense. +1 to AC while wielding a staff)
Ritual Casting (3 free rituals at level 1, 2 at level 5, 11, 15, 21, and 25)

Wizard: Ritual Caster
Level 1: Leather Armor Proficiency
Level 2: Arcane Fury (When using Furious assault deal extra damage with an area or close burst power deal extra damage to all targets, not just one.)

Armour Proficiencies Cloth, Leather
Weapon Proficiencies Dagger, Quarterstaff

Languages Common, Giant

General Features
Normal Load: 0-140
Heavy Load: 141-280
Maximum Drag Load: 281-700

Current Load: 45 lb

Prince Yami 5th of September, 2009 05:47

At-Will Powers

Melee Basic Attack
At-Will ◊ Martial, Weapon
Standard Action — Melee weapon
Target One creature
Attack +6 vs. AC
Hit 1d8+3 damage
Attack +1 lvl, +2 str, +2 prof, +1 enhancement; Damage 1[W], +2 str, +1 staff; Critical 11+1d6 damage and target is knocked prone

Magic Missile
At-Will ◊ Arcane, Force, Implement
Standard Action — Ranged 20
Target One creature
Attack +4 vs. Reflex
Hit 2d4+3 damage
Attack +1 lvl, +2 int, +1 staff; Damage 2d4, +2 int, +1 staff; Critical 11+1d6 damage and target is knocked prone

Scorching Burst

At-Will ◊ Arcane, Fire, Implement
Standard Action — Ranged 10
Target Area 1 Burst
Attack +4 vs. reflex
Hit 1d6+3 damage
Attack +1 lvl, +2 int, +1 staff; Damage 1d6, +2 int, +1 staff; Critical 9+1d6 damage and targets are knocked prone

Encounter Powers

Furious assaullt
Free Action — Triggered when enemy is hit
Target One creature or all creatures in burst
Attack N/A
Hit Extra 1[W] if melee, 1 1d8 if ranged, damage

Staff of Defense
Encounter ◊ Implement
Free Action — Triggered when hit
Target One creature
Effect: Gain a bonus to defense equal to con modifier (+3) this can be declared after the DM has declared the damage total. Must be wielding a staff.

Burning Hands

EncounterArcane, Fire, Implement
Standard Action — Close burst
Target Burst 5
Attack +4 vs. reflex
Hit 2d6+3 damage
Attack +1 lvl, +2 int, +1 staff; Damage 2d6, +2 int, +1 staff; Critical 15+1d6 damage and targets are knocked prone

Daily Powers

Flaming Sphere
Daily ◊ Arcane, Conjuration, Fire, Implement
Standard Action — Ranged 10
Target One creature adjacent to sphere
Attack +4 vs. reflex
Hit 2d6+3 damage
Sustain Minor Can sustain power until end of encounter. As standard action can make another attack with sphere. As a move action can move the sphere up to 6 squares.
Attack +1 lvl, +2 int, +1 staff; Damage 2d6, +2 int, +1 staff; Critical 15+1d6 damage and target is knocked prone

Acid Arrow
DailyArcane, Acid, Implement
Standard Action — Ranged 20
Target One creature
Secondary Target
Each creature adjacent to primary
Attack +4 vs. Reflex
Hit 1d8+3 acid damage and ongoing 5 acid damage. Save ends
1d4+1 acid damage and ongoing 2 acid damage. Save ends. no secondary attack.
Attack +1 lvl, +2 int, +1 staff; Damage 2d6, +2 int, +1 staff; Critical X+1d6 damage and target is knocked prone

Feather Fall
Standard Action - Ranged 10
Trigger You or one creature in range falls
Effect Take no damage from fall regardless of distance and do not fall prone at the end of the fall.

Expeditious retreat

Standard Action
Effect Shift up to twice speed

Prince Yami 5th of September, 2009 06:14

Magic Items

Force Staff +1
Level 3 (680gp)
Enhancement +1 to attack and damage rolls
Critical +1d6 Force damage
Daily Power, Free action. Use this power when an attack with the force keyword. slide the target 1 square
Medium, proficiency needed: Quarterstaff, range melee; weapon group Staff, arcane implement; Proficiency +2; Damage 1d8; Weight 4 lb.

Leather Armour
Armour Bonus +2; Weight 15 lb., 25gp

Brew Potion
Comprehend Language
Create Campsite

Mundane Equipment
Backpack (2lb) 2gp
Bedroll (5lb) 1 sp
Belt Pouch 1gp
10 days trail rations (10lb) 5gp
50 feet silk rope (5lb) 10gp
Waterskin (4lb) 1gp
Riding Horse (N/A) 75gp
Spellbook (doubles as ritual book) (3lb)
Ever burning Torch (1lb) 50gp
1 PP 9 SP

Prince Yami 5th of September, 2009 06:15

Korgul has spent most of his recent years with Waterdeep as his home. Before that he lived with an orc tribe (His mother being an orc and all. A fact that tends to weird people out which has provided a lot of amusement on Korgul's part). When he discovered his talent for magic he left the tribe to root through old ruins in search of spellbooks to teach himself how to use his talents better. It is during this time he unearthed the magic staff he now carries from the ruin of a long dead wizards home. He moved to Waterdeep soon after that and managed to get apprenticed to a wizard there and he's lived in the city ever since, though since his apprenticeship ended he prefers to travel around and root through ruins so he can come up with new spells. On one of his trips Korgul, having signed on with a caravan, met with the Bard Pendar Starlight. Happy to have another along that studied arcane magic Korgul quicly hit it off with the bard and spent most of the time on the road speaking with his new companion.
Like many from Waterdeep Korgul is fairly open minded and friendly, when he is not watching his back in the less savory areas of the city at any rate. Not particularily obsevent Korgul tends to be easily absorbed in whatever task he is currently engaged almost to the point of single mindedness. Having spent his early years with Orcs Korgul is fairly pragmatic. He does his best to help people who need it (frowning on the brutish nature of the orcs) but won't fret overmuch if he can't help, often reciting the addage of his own creation 'the world is tough and regret is for those without the spine to face their mistakes'. One characteristic of Korgul most wouldn't expect is his tendency to attempt to be diplomatic before resorting to violence. However being a Half-orc he wont hesitate to resort to violence if he deems it necessary.
Physical Description
Korgul is slightly over six feet and, like most half orcs, reasonably well built. His skin is light tan to the point of being pale grey in spots. His hair is dark brown, shoulder length and usually tied back and he sports a full close cropped beard. His armor is fairly standard with one exception. In the tradition of the Orc tribe Korgul grew up with the left shoulder of his armor is adorned with the broken skull of the first enemy he killed in combat, in Korgul's case that of a Gnoll from a group that attacked his tribe shortly before he left.

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