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Darken 13th of October, 2005 12:19

Kiara's Chapter
Eighthday, Thirdweek Tarsakh, DR 1377, Year of the Haunting.

Redemption, apparently, is not easy work. Your recent adventures consist of mainly disappointment, frustration, clueless puzzles, and death. After a fair amount of trouble and pain, physically and mentally, Tyr has remedied the unfortunate situation of Cyric's deceit, but he seems to be unwilling of relieving you of your task on the investigation of Mythals and Karsus' Avatar. After finally obtaining some clues, you have left them with your new, perhaps only, friend Phillinade in Sigil, hoping that his strange and foreign power is the key to unlock all mysteries.

Wondering in Sigil hoping for honest work to earn some coins, you come across the interesting transcation between an Ice Mephit and an Orc's party, who disagrees over the price of a powerful, magical scythe that's rather limited in its use.

Crazy Eben 13th of October, 2005 13:20

Karin jumps in. Via her lovely tongues ability, she addresses the Ice Mephit in Auran and the Orc in Orcish. "Good day, gentlemen. I couldn't help overhearing that you have a bit of a disagreement. I'm sure we can work out a deal that is beneficial to all involved if we all calm down and think about how we all can benefit here." Karin smiles a polite smile that clearly indicates that she considers herself part of the people who can benefit. She then attempts to negotiate a settlement between the two.

Darken 14th of October, 2005 04:16

After much negotiating, the two parties reach an agreement on pricing, and the transcation is completed. As per the original agreement, you receive a cut of the reduced price, in the sum of 12,150 gold pieces.

Crazy Eben 14th of October, 2005 09:15

Karin shakes the hands of the Ice Mephit and the Orc. She then bows to the assembled crowd and gives them a big smile. "Thank you. I'll be in town until further notice. If anyone is in need of a good negotiator, I'm always looking for an honest gold coin."

Darken 14th of October, 2005 09:55

The crowd scatters and some of them emit varies sounds of impressiveness; none tries to talk to you, however, after your dramatic display, as they return to their own business quickly. The Ice Mephit and the Orc thank you individually, and part ways.

Crazy Eben 14th of October, 2005 10:16

Aww. No more jobs? Well, I suppose I made some money. Earning gold in honest ways is pretty hard. Fortunately, my skills are easily transferable from evil uses to good uses. This isn't so bad. I could live like this. I'm not hurting anyone and make some coin. Anyway, I can afford some scrolls now. Or pay Phillinade. No, that's silly. Why would I want to pay him? I far prefer being in his debt. It gives me a good reason to spend time with him...wait...why do I want to spend time with him? Hmm...I'm sure I had a reason for thinking that. Oh well, it'll come to me eventually. I should head back to his place and see if he made any progress while I was out.

Karin saunters through the streets of Sigil when she remembers something. She heads to the market area and looks for a scroll of Sending, preferably divine, since that would be cheaper.

Darken 15th of October, 2005 03:17

You easily locate and purchase a scroll of Sending on the market. You return to Phillinade's residence, and note that he is still in the process of discerning the origins or any other information regarding the bones and the documents. You see several more shattered remains of crystals around the table.

Crazy Eben 15th of October, 2005 06:22

Karin smiles. "Honey, I'm home. I made some gold. How was your day?" She giggles.

Darken 17th of October, 2005 12:49

"You earn some coins? Most excellent, they should be easy to come by with your special skills." Phillinade ceases his power and turns to you. "I cannot seem to find enough information as of now; perhaps it's best to consult someone knowledgable in the history of Toril? Anyways, I discovered at least two things. One, the documents and writings are nonmagical, they are just plain writings regarding a series of events... a journal, I would guess. I have not yet gain any further insight on the subject yet. Also, regarding the bones, I have slightly better progress. While I still do not know the name of the creature nor the actual physical form of it, I found that these creatures are actually not from Toril at all. The Human bones are certainly from your home world, however."

Crazy Eben 18th of October, 2005 05:26

"Well, that sounds lovely. I don't think I can trust anyone who actually knows something about Toril with this, so I will continue to trust your considerable skills." She smirks at him. Then she pulls a scroll out of her pocket. "Look, I got a scroll with the sending spell. I can use that to apologize to that undead guy we attacked for no good reason. Hmm...speaking of which, did Zvornik make it out alive or did he...well, I did..."

Darken 18th of October, 2005 09:38

"I will have to continue my work until I exhaust all means known to me then." Phillinade replies, "As for the demon, he vanished as soon as you fall. It's hard to tell whether he was sent back to his home plane or escaped."

Crazy Eben 18th of October, 2005 10:38

"Oh well. It might be better if he had died. Otherwise, there might be some questions later. I guess it can't be changed now. I'll go apologize to the man we attacked."

Karin takes out her newly-acquired scroll, activates it with ease, and attempts to send a message to The Watcher. Her message, should it go through, is "I apologize for attacking you. The god of lies tricked me into believing you corrupt. Let me know if I can atone for it somehow."

Darken 18th of October, 2005 22:00

After ten minutes, your spell completes and you can sense the Sending message is delivered successfully. However, you receive no reply from the desinated recipiant.

Crazy Eben 19th of October, 2005 02:30

Karin sighs and gets up. She walks to Phillinade and looks over his shoulder. "It's no good. Our undead friend is still grumpy. Not that I can blame him. We did attack him for what turned out to be no good reason. I reallly, really hate the gods of Toril. Hmm...speaking of which, do you know if there are any worshippers of Cyric in Sigil?"

Darken 19th of October, 2005 04:52

Phillinade shakes his head and shrugs, "I am not familiar with the religious groups here, but I know they are extremely rare, as deities rarely visit Sigil; If i have to guess, I would say there are probably none."

Crazy Eben 19th of October, 2005 05:54

"Too bad. I would very much like to kill some of his clerics. Oh well, maybe another time. So...what are your plans for the rest of the day?"

Darken 19th of October, 2005 09:46

He points at the broken bones and tattered documents on the table. "I assume I'll continue to work on it until I cannot obtain anymore information from my powers? Unless you have some other suggestions as to how to approach this, that's what I'll be doing."

Crazy Eben 19th of October, 2005 10:17

"Sounds good. I think I'll just rest for a bit. It's been a hectic week."

Karin rests and waits to see if Phillinade uncovers any additional information.

Darken 20th of October, 2005 03:48

You rest in Phillinade's house for the rest of the day to relax your body and mind, both have gone through a lot in the past few days.

Ninthday, Thirdweek Tarsakh, DR 1377, Year of the Haunting.

You hear Phillinade calling for your name when you are browsing through the varies trinkets that he explains to you as items infused with powers called Psionics. Back at the table, he takes a deep breath before explaining what he finds to you.

"First of all, the bones. These normal bones, as mentioned earlier, are normal, Human bones. I have made a mistake earlier with them with my analyzing power when I say they are 'not of Toril;' these bones are actually of a single Toril Human, at least originally, but for some reason I get some 'not of Toril' feel. Anyways, it would appear that the structure of his bones was changed by some transformation magic, and the fractures and breakage are actually due to this magical change. That is all I can find out from the bones.

"As for the documents, there is no way to know the text for certain, but it's collection of different journals, most of them provide ideas and progress of Arcane spell research. The power of these spells seem to exceed the normal means of mortal spellcasters."

Crazy Eben 20th of October, 2005 03:55

After resting, Kiara takes off what remains of her disguise and stretches, enjoying the prospect of spending a little bit of time as her true self. "Hmm...fascinating. Well, these things likely belonged to the old Netherese mages...or possibly evil elves who studied them....either way, back in those days, mortal thought they could do anything." Kiara chuckles. "They learned their lesson eventually. Of course, it destroyed their civilization. Mortals should never wield such magic. Do you have any idea what kinds of spells they were researching? Anything to do with...well...flipping their own city over and burying themselves? Of course, that may have been an unintended side effect. They probably wanted to use it as an offensive weapon and wipe out their enemies by flippiing enemy cities over and crushing everyone to death. It figures that mortals would overestimate themselves and end up taking out their own home."

Darken 20th of October, 2005 09:48

He shakes his head, "I gathered no trace of anything about flipping cities, or anything to do with cities... perhaps my powers are not through enough, but that is all I can do at this point. Other than the fact the power is above the magic known to mortal this day, I know no more."

Crazy Eben 20th of October, 2005 12:32

Kiara sighs. "That's too bad. Do you think you can gain any additional information from these things, given some more time?"

Darken 20th of October, 2005 22:29

"By myself? Most unlikely." He groans helplessly. "However I can try to solicit the help of some seers I know in Sigil or in Flaness, perhaps they have the necessary power to gain more insight from these objects. As those are outside the scope of my power, I cannot even give you an estimated time frame to uncover the mysteries."

Crazy Eben 21st of October, 2005 02:06

Kiara ponders this as she takes a look at the objects again. She plants her head on Phillinade's shoulder while doing so, which he may or may not react to. "Do you trust these people?"

Darken 21st of October, 2005 09:41

You can feel Phillinade suddenly tenses up, but pretends not to feel anything. "While I know several of my contacts, we are on a purely professional relationship, so I cannot claim to know them well. I trust their knowledge on the areas of their expertise, but I certainly cannot say the same for their... other behaviours."

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